5 x BOOST n BLEND® Hair Gift Packs

About The Product

BOOST n BLEND® is the first instant hair volumising product for women with thinning hair.

BOOST n BLEND is a simple, quick and easy cosmetic hair volumiser for women with fine, thin and thinning hair. Available in a range of colours, BOOST n BLEND’s volumising micro fibres shake on to clean dry hair to provide an instant cosmetic result.

Do you worry that people can see your scalp through your hair? Is it worse under bright lights or in the sunlight? Then BOOST n BLEND is the answer you have been hoping for.  It is the most effective way to cover up visible scalp and gain your confidence back.

Made from a natural cotton fibre, BOOST n BLEND works by adding millions of tiny hair-like micro fibres to sparse hair making it look instantly thicker.

BOOST n BLEND was developed with specialist colour consultants here in Australia to ensure these micro fibres blend in perfectly with your existing hair to become completely undetectable, even under bright lights and sunshine.

BOOST n BLEND micro fibres stay in place until the next hair wash and restore the appearance of thicker, more abundant hair, providing an instant volume and confidence boost.


BOOST n BLEND is available in 8 popular colours. Buy online or in selected salons.

Product Reviews

sandyoo, Adelaide SA


amazed how quickly this was delivered found it to be easy to use.noticed how good it was on first use very good

Kylie54, Orange NSW


This is amazing!! It is so easy to use and you get instant results, it makes my hair look so much fuller and it looks natural. It stays in for a few days until I wash it again. Thank you boost n blend I love it.