21 x Miracle Scarves

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About The Product

The Miracle Scarf

If you ride a motorcycle or bicycle, go rowing or love boating, ski, run, walk, go to the gym or just want to look good, then The Miracle Scarf is for you. This one size fits all multifunctional lifestyle product is made out of 100% micro-fibre polyester. The fabric wicks away moisture keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it the ideal product for the outdoor enthusiast.

You can wear the Scarf as a helmet liner legionaires style, beanie or facemask. Put it around you wrist as a wristband, or wear as a headband, scrunchie or head scarf. Alternatively wear as a hairband, bandana, neck cooler, neck warmer, balaclava or blindfold.

Versatile and lightweight, The Miracle Scarf guards against the wind, sun, cold and dust making it a great accessory for all walks of life, from grandparents to kids. Having sun protection, cooling and thermal capabilities combined with the softness, breathability and non-itchiness of the material, it becomes a perfect alternative to the wig for those going through chemotherapy.

The Miracle Scarf can be customized for corporate giveaways, clubs, sporting teams or promotional items. Visit www.themiraclescarf.com.au RRP $24.95.

Product Reviews



I love the miracle scarf, it has many ways to be worn and it will be a permanent part of my wardrobe. I have tried wearing it as a scrunchy, head band and as a head scarf. Its great.

maria168375, Gowanbrae VIC


I love my new scarf, I wear it as a head band and very surprised it doesn't slip off. Usually when I wear head bands I need product in my hair to stop them slipping off, with this scarf I don't, I can wear it for ages before it needs adjusting, I love the way you can wear one scarf in so many different ways, and
I'm enjoying experimenting with it. A very good idea and product.

Christine887, Trott Park SA


well i am certainly impressed. i pillion on a motor bike and i used the Miracle scarf as a neck warmer. as the weather was extremely hot the day of the ride a normal neck warmer would have been uncomfortable. i found this scarf to tick all the boxes. it protected my neck from the sun, protected my neck from the helmet buckle as it would normal rub. yet is seem to keep me cooler.it was easy to put on and comfortable to ware.
thankyou for the sample i will certainly be telling my bike riding friends.

Cathy303, Lennox Head NSW


The miracle scarf is a fantastic product, so versatile and easy to use, my daughter and myself were stoked with it and its many uses.The how to use guide was so easy to follow and we had heaps of fun trying all different styles. I was impressed with the lightweight material and it folds easily to fit in your pocket or bag,whether at the beach snow or at home.I fully recommend this product.

Cathy Munro

price32, Carramar WA


When the scarf came i was very surprised with the bright cool design, and how light weight and soft and stretchy the material is. It is is easy to rinse through and dries very quickly.

When i was out doing my walking it was great to keep the wind from my ears whilst staying cool it stayed in place unlike my usual scarf which i pin and it gets a bit too hot.

It has lots of versatile ways to use which i can see from the how 2 wear card that came with it and when the weather cools down i can use it as a beanie on my walks.

Kimberley64, Halifax QLD


A nice light item with a good design. Can be used in many ways. great for when you are out in the boat to keep the sun of you.

Patricia284, Wynnum QLD


I have tryed this in many ways, and found it to be GREAT in my hair, under my helmet and sleeping with it at nite.My partner also tryed it under his helmet and as a face mask.. He said nice and lite and easy to breath through riding. I also washed it a few times and come out great. I will and already told friends to give it a try GREAT PROUDUCT!!!!! Thanks Tricia Powell

Linda-rose, Frankston VIC


the miracle scarf has such a lovely soft texture to it with no seams to aggrevate the skin if you have skin problems. i have very thick hair and i found it held my hair back quite well as headband or hair tie i also got a few friends to try it after washing and they loved it the only thing really that went against the scarf is the rrp $24.95 i was told that possibly $15 would be paid.