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The world's most ridiculously expensive Christmas presents

The world's most ridiculously expensive Christmas presents

From bespoke fragrances to diamond-studded gaming consoles we found the world's most OTT Christmas gifts

How to make flexible work hours work for you

4 minute read

While we're told flexible working hours are the way of the future, the reality is many of us struggle to put that into practice. Here's how to negotiate to get your work-life balance back in check while keeping both yourself - and, crucially, your boss - happy.

How to avoid catching stress

3 minute read

It's official: Stress is contagious. So how can you avoid catching the worry bug?

P.E Nation’s Pip Edwards tells us her favourite ways to work out

3 minute read

In time for a post-Easter chocolate detox, P.E Nation has partnered with Elle Macpherson's Welleco to create a fortnight-long reset challenge. We asked Pip about working out, winding down, and resetting for winter.

The quickest ways to clear your credit card debt

3 minute read

Still can't believe how much you spent over Christmas? These tips will help you start financially afresh this year.

Female full-timers still doing more housework than men

1 minute read

Women are working overtime in the home, where they still take on the majority of house chores despite doing as much paid work as their male partners.

Let’s go outside: the rise of the backyard office

2 minute read

This trend is taking home office styling into the great outdoors – here are a few of our favourite looks.

Lisa Wilkinson praised by co-hosts after shock exit

3 minute read

Lisa Wilkinson has made a sudden departure from the Nine Network, after 10 years as host of the Today Show.

Meet the man who makes a living eating cheese

2 minute read

How Will Studd made a career out of eating cheese and travelling the world.

The best food to eat before a job interview

2 minute read

We've heard of "brain food" but will it help you when it really matters - say, before a job interview or exam?

Put the brakes on and embrace ‘slow living’

3 minute read

Could this be the antidote to the myth of work-life balance?