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Vegan butcher named one of the most important jobs of 2017

Vegan butcher named one of the most important jobs of 2017

TIME has identified vegan butchers as a career set the thrive in 2017. Will you be signing up?

Chinese astrology: What the Year of the Rooster has in store for you

Find out what the Year of the Rooser has in store fore you. Running from January 2, 2017 to February 15 next year, step into the Chinese New Year with some guidance.

5 questions to ask to improve your happiness today

By Rebecca MitchellOn 18 Jan

Some tools to help you be a little happier!

10 Steps to Land Your Dream Job!

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 15 Dec

Whether you're fresh out of uni or looking for a career change mid-life, it's never too late to land your dream job. Could 2017 be your year? Here's ten tips to get you over the line with the vocation you always wanted.

Your Full Astrology Guide for 2017

By Kelli FoxOn 13 Dec

Get ready for an exciting year! 2017 promises pizzazz for every sign in the zodiac.

10 Ways to Make Money on Your Lunchbreak

Do you get a full hour’s lunch break everyday? If so, give your Facebook feed a rest and utilise the time and rustle up some extra cash instead.

Could Your Tampon Help Save the World?

By Rebecca MitchellOn 9 Nov

Yes, apparently! An Australian woman is helping to change the lives of women in the third world by selling bamboo tampons.

How to Design a Home Office

By Yasmine GhoniemOn 4 Nov

Get top tips to create an amazing office space at home from Yas Ghoniem.

9 Ways To Bring Mindfulness to the Workplace

By Michael BuntingOn 28 Jul

Find out how to bring mindfulness into your daily work routine - and reap the benefits.

Top 5 Ways To Revitalise Your Lunch Break

By Nikki Fogden-MooreOn 7 Jul

Don't waste your lunch break sitting down. Follow these five tips to refresh, recharge and re-energise - without having to hit the gym!

How To Be More Organised

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 7 Jun

Life is chaotic. Here is some expert advice on better organising your life.