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Foods to eat for a better night's sleep
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Foods to eat for a better night's sleep

These foods can help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer.

How your kids’ role in their school nativity could reflect their future earning potential

2 minute read

From Angel Gabriel to donkey, a new study suggests that the role a child plays in their school nativity is a possible indicator of their future salary.

Five amazing mocktails to get you through Dry January

2 minute read

If you're skipping booze this Jan, here are some fantastic alcohol-free cocktails to make the challenge a delight!

Silent Book Clubs for introverted bookworms are springing up globally

8 minute read

It's a novel idea: bring a book of your choice and read near other people.

Popular meditation app is offering free membership during Corona crisis

2 minute read

Simple Habit is giving away premium access to all people who are impacted by the pandemic.

'Where are all the tampons?' Women struggle to find menstrual products in shops during Coronavirus panic-buying

3 minute read

It seems that COVID-19 stockpiling has led to a nation-wide shortage of feminine sanitary products.

The perfect isolation self-care for your star sign

4 minute read

Self-care and being at peace is extremely important, especially in today’s world.

How wearing glasses can protect you from Coronavirus

3 minute read

Medical experts say opticals may help prevent you from contracting COVID-19.

Kids bored at home? Learn how to make playdough, paint and slime!

14 minute read

If you're at a loose end for new things to do with the kids at home, look no further than your pantry!

Madeleine West shares graphic photos and emotional news in Instagram post

4 minute read

The actress shares candid details about a horrific time in her life.