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12 Ways to Feel Happier

12 Ways to Feel Happier

Follow these 12 straight-forward strategies to enhance your quality of life.

How To Stay Happy In Hard Times

2 minute read

The Happiness Institute provides some expert pointers on how to effectively bounce back through hard times.

Confidence Tricks for Public Speaking

5 minute read

Does the thought of speaking in front of a group of people leave you weak at the knees? Public speaking guru Maggie Eyre explains how to become more confident at working the crowd.

10 Ways To Get Your Groove Back

4 minute read

The ladies of Re-Vamped are sexing up their lives and now it’s your turn. We show you how to spice up your life (single or not) in 10 simple ways.

All The Rage

4 minute read

Are the weather, the credit crunch and life's other little annoyances driving you mad? Find out how getting angry can affect your health.

Don't Let The Credit Crunch Bite You

6 minute read

If financial worries are stressing you out, you're not alone - with various reports pointing to increased levels of depression and tension headaches, not to mention health problems associated with skipping meals and cancelling gym memberships.

I Can't Cope

4 minute read

Ups and downs in life are normal, but what do you do when you really feel you can't cope? We've asked the experts for their advice on how to deal with common life crises.

YOU Time

2 minute read

How to find the balance between “me” and “we” in love.

Be 100% happy!

2 minute read

This International Women’s Day how about taking some time out for YOU?

Revel In Relaxation

3 minute read

Relax and unwind with chill-out beauty treats.

Meet Sarah Wilson

2 minute read

She’s a self-confessed health nut, fanatic foodie, journalist and face of LifeStyle YOU®. But what does Sarah Wilson do on the weekends? We find out!