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Science says it's good to be selfish
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Science says it's good to be selfish

There’s a certain stigma attached to selfish behaviour, but a new study and experts suggest that putting your own needs first isn’t as bad as you first may think...

My brother took his own life: Here's why we need to talk about suicide

Hayley’s brother Grant took his own life in 2001. After his death, she gradually developed depression, which took a very heavy toll on the rest of her family. Here, she shares her experience and the importance of breaking down social barriers to have an open dialogue about suicide.

How to break a bad habit

Be it nailbiting, sugar snacking, procrastinating or mobile phone checking, we’ve all got a habit we just can’t break. But why are some of these behaviours so hard to quit? Psychologist Breanna Jayne Sada explains how to stop the repetition cycle for good.

Is it a cold or is it the flu?

So you’ve woken up coughing and sneezing, your body aches, your throat is sore and just don’t feel like you can get out of bed – how do you know if you’ve got a cold or the flu?

How to work through a mid-life crisis and get back on the 'Happiness Curve'

Author of The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After Midlife, Jonathan Rauch, explains why we feel discontent once we hit middle age and how to beat those feelings when they creep in.

You have the flu - now what?

Winter is here and despite your best intentions, you’ve managed to come down with the flu. Even if you only suspect it, there are a few things you can do to recover more quickly, prevent a secondary infection and reduce the spread of infection.

Easy ways to prevent the flu this winter

Wearing wet socks to bed, getting frisky and eating eggs: Try these unexpected ways to ward off a case of the flu this winter

How much sleep do you really need?

According to new research, poor sleep is costing the Australian economy more than $66 billion annually. With most of the population feeling sleep deprived, listening to our bodies when they’re screaming out for more shut-eye has never been more important.

What is Eastern medicine (and why should you try it)?

It's one of the world's oldest medical systems - but what exactly is Eastern Medicine? And what are the reasons to try it?

How to avoid catching stress

It's official: Stress is contagious. So how can you avoid catching the worry bug?

How to start a life-changing conversation with the men in your life

The expert ways to start a potentially life-changing conversation with the men in your life