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Fitness guru Kim Beach: my bodybuilding obsession went too far
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Fitness guru Kim Beach: my bodybuilding obsession went too far

Health and fitness guru Kim Beach sees a lot of women with body image issues in her line of work - and has battled such demons herself. So for her, Taryn Brumfitt's Embrace documentary really hit home.

What all future mothers need to know

In Lifestyle’s latest podcast, Taryn Brumfitt, stresses that we need to ‘tweak the way we communicate with our children’ about body image.

'Braincation': The new wellbeing trend you need to know about

Feeling overwhelmed? It might be time to check in for a braincation. Here’s everything you know about the latest wellbeing trend.

Taking a hot bath has same benefits as exercise, says study

According to a recent UK study, a hot bath can burn the same amount of calories as a half-hour walk.

How one woman turned her foodie Instagram into a booming business

We chat to Hippie Lane founder, Taline Gabrielian, about her burgeoning business and her recipe for success.

I tried floating and it changed my life

Curious about floatation therapy? From beauty to health, discover the host of benefits on offer if you dive on in.

Australia ranks ninth in World Happiness Report

According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, New Zealand is a happier country than Australia coming in seventh place on the 155-long happy list, just one place ahead of Australia.

8 habits of happy people

To celebrate International Day of Happiness this March 20, here are 8 habits to adopt every day to help your quest for happiness.:

Heidi Middleton on building the Sass & Bide empire, and what came next

You may recognise her as one-half of Australian design duo Sass & Bide, but dig a little deeper and you realise that Heidi Middleton's philanthropic impact is just as great as that of her fashion.

Sarah Wilson reveals the truth about her lifelong battle with anxiety

The best-selling author and entrepreneur lifts the lid on her personal struggle with anxiety.

How to find long lost family

Find out how you can reconnect with lost relatives or friends.