Scorpio Weekly Horoscopes

October 24 - November 21

Are you feeling charitable? You might need to get into that frame of mind this week as a new moon, which landed on May 22, has some effect on your life. It’s time to accept that apology or finally pay off that debt.

Life: If you can finally forgive an old grudge you’ve held onto for a while, you will feel so much better about yourself. The freedom you’ll feel will lighten your load – why hang onto baggage that is weighing you down?

Love: On May 25 there might just be an exciting conversation in a relationship. If you’re single, this could be from someone you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Around May 28, Mercury enters Cancer, and you’ll be able to step back and see a loved one for what they really are – good or bad.

Money: May 28 could signal some news from overseas that might be very welcome to your financial situation. Don’t worry if this news seems to be unwelcome at first – it will be beneficial to your cash-flow issues.

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