Sagittarius Weekly Horoscopes

November 22 - December 21

You’re in one playful mood this week, and you have been for a while now. This is great because there are good times on their way for you as the week progresses. Especially on the 5th as the New Moon appears.

Life: Is it fair to say that you have a desire that you have always buried? Is there something you yearn to do but you are too embarrassed to admit? From the 5th onwards, you will start to think about revealing this need and want to others. This is a positive step.

Love: You may just have finally cleared all your old feelings about someone or something, and you are ready to face the new. This might not be the end of a relationship, but an argument you couldn’t quite forgive, or an old flame you couldn’t quite forget. Now you’re ready to process and move ahead.

Money:  You need to try and stop worrying so much about money. Perhaps a night of self-care or an afternoon dedicated to just you is in order? You need to take some time out of your worried-state to focus on just you.

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