Pisces Weekly Horoscopes

February 19 - March 20

This is your week to finally wipe the slate clean and move ahead and onwards without a backward glance. This could be in your relationship or your working life. Or even in your home life. Some surprising news could come your way on May 28.

Life: You are looking for more ways to have some fun and to express yourself. Why not try the creative arts; painting, pottery, acting, dance? This is your time to really try something new and relish in the beauty of it.

Love: Well, you are very flirtatious this week! And as a result, don’t be surprised if messages of love come your way. If you’re single, this is exactly what you’ve been hoping for. If you’re in a relationship, it’s so nice to have this extra zing to your week.

Money: Your home and family life is strong right now, so you can start planning for the next phase of your financial strategy. Want to buy a new house? Get a car? Go away on a trip? You can now start to look at ways to make this happen. Be cautious, though. We live in unsettled times.

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