Leo Weekly Horoscopes

July 23 - August 22

You have the energy to make a significant change in your life this week. Suddenly you are being gifted a jolt of enthusiasm and power by the universe so use it to really get to the place you want.

Life: On July 5 the arrival of that Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn means that this is the perfect time to look within yourself to see if you like what you see. Meditate, mindfulness, yoga – all these are great ways to get back in tune with yourself.

Love: You can charge around like you are the only one who ever knows what is going on, but if ever there was a week to take a back seat in a relationship, this is it. Take your foot off the pedal and coast a bit – let your partner or your love interest do some work for a change!

Money: Keep your ears open, and your mouth closed this week as new information presents itself to you, but it’s not clear how this can help you make big cash. You just know there’s an opportunity there but can you leap on it when the time is right? Yes, you can.

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