Gemini Weekly Horoscopes

May 21 - June 21

Do you keep a dream diary? You should because your inner voice wants to talk to you, but it’s having trouble getting through. Keeping a record of your dreams can be a really good way to work out what the universe might be trying to tell you.

Life: On May 25, you might just be able to see a way forward with a huge problem that has stumped you for weeks now. If you feel that you have some psychic ability, it’s time to really trust your intuition. It is rarely wrong.

Love: You’re feeling pretty popular right now, and you are ready to finally reveal what you want in a relationship. It isn’t always easy to communicate that, but you feel that you are finally in a space to speak the truth.

Money: Mercury enters the caring Cancer on May 28, and this really fires up the financial aspect of your chart. Are you happy with your money management? Are you searching for answers? Do you know what you want but you are too scared to go for it? This is the week to trust your own judgement and lean into what you feel is right.

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