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You can now get married at KFC - and serve your guests buckets of chicken wings!

You can now get married at KFC - and serve your guests buckets of chicken wings!

Do you love KFC as much as you adore your beloved? You can now enjoy a finger-lickin' wedding!

5 basics for your man to consider when buying a wedding suit

2 minute read

Help your man find the suit of his dreams for your big day.

How to get the best bang for your buck while engagement ring shopping

2 minute read

Shopping for an engagement ring can be tough. But, armed with the right research and questions, you can make the shopping experience a breeze – and get your dream ring.

Here are the top wedding cake trends of 2019

2 minute read

Let them eat cake - the simpler, the better.

8 stately Australian homes you can visit

14 minute read

If there's one thing more fun than stickybeaking at an open house, it's stickybeaking at a really jaw-droppingly incredible open house. And as the new season of Phil Spencer's Stately Homes proves, nowhere does old-school elegance and all-out grandeur quite like the UK

5 amazing Australian islands you can rent

4 minute read

Who hasn't dreamt of escaping to an idyllic island of their own? You can make that dream a reality with these five Australian islands that are available to rent - and not all at a price that will make your bank balance wince.

7 wedding make-up ideas to say I do to

6 minute read

Wedding venue. Dress. Rings. Vows. Bridesmaids. Make-up. There are around 2846 tough decisions to make when planning your big day and choosing your make-up look is up there among the trickiest.

See the first official photos from the royal wedding

3 minute read

The first official photographs from Harry and Meghan's wedding have been released.

Wedding etiquette 101: Dos and don'ts for modern day weddings

4 minute read

Propriety is a thing of the past, right? Wrong! When it comes to weddings, there are still customs and traditions to abide by. Follow this guide to ensure you don’t offend.

Coloured stones, dried blooms, and ceremonies at dusk: Wedding trends 2018

1 minute read

Weddings in 2018 are all about creativity and integrity, romance and imaginative and personal party details. Get inspired by these new ideas.

A royal getaway: 7 magical castle stays for your next holiday

1 minute read

Let royal fever guide your travel plans, and book your next getaway in a historic British fortress or a spectacular Spanish castle. Here are seven magnificent mansions and manors to book for a real royal getaway.