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Veronica and Bryce

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Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are two of Australia's leading real estate experts.

Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are two of Australia's leading real estate experts.

About Veronica and Bryce

Veronica Morgan and Bryce Holdaway are real estate experts and the hosts of Location Location Location Australia

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Latest Questions & Answers

My daughter and husband and little girl rent in Cronulla Australia and looking to purchse their first home  

Will you be starting a new series of Location, location, location any time soon? My daughter lives in Cronulla and commutes to Sydney cbd for work. Her husband drives to his salon in Leichart on P...

Should we sell our Carnegie flat to put towards a house or hold on to it?  

What would you do? Married couple, 28yo, dual income, nil dependants. Living in 1bdr Carnegie flat (1970, one of six, ~48sqm, 1st floor, <500m from station), purchased in 2013 for ~$250,000, $20,000...

Selling our tree change  

I was wondering where you get the properties for people to consider buying. We will be putting our 100 yo cottage which once belonged to the Station master at Erica in Gippsland, Victoria, on the mark...

Tips for Buying Property That Needs Work

There's a lot to consider if you're looking at buying a property that needs to be re-built or renovated - read on!

4 Tips to Win The Real Estate Game

If you're a first home-buyer, there are a few tips that we can recommend that might help you win in the real estate game - Bryce & Veronica share their insights!

Buying In a Competitive Market

Buying in a competitive real estate market can seem tough, but it pays to have tricks up your sleeve.

Company Title vs. Strata Title

Have you been told that company title may not be as good as strata title? Get the lowdown from the experts!

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