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Series 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 5 · Episode 1

When a cheetah cub is born unexpectedly, Zoo Director Anthony Tropeano has to step in to save its life. The newborn requires round the clock care and Anthony knows he's going to be in for some sleepless nights.

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Episode 2

Series 5 · Episode 2

It's vet day at Colchester Zoo and Zoo Director Anthony Tropeano has concerns for the newborn cheetah cub he's hand rearing. Vet John gives some medical advice before attending to Jasmine, a harbour seal with an infected eye.

Episode 3

Series 5 · Episode 3

Today there's sadness at the zoo when rare African Hunting Dog Depti leaves to begin a new life overseas. The team have a challenge on their hands when they get to grips with a giant anteater and Katavi the newborn cheetah cub has her claws trimmed.

Episode 4

Series 5 · Episode 4

After ousting a mob of mongoose from Sputnik, the mangabey monkey's enclosure, he turns his attention on his own troop, leaving the keepers to pick up the pieces. At the Siberian Leopard house the team's attempts to listen to a leopard's heart.

Episode 5

Series 5 · Episode 5

Colchester zoo is hoping that white rhino Cynthia will be the first rhino in the UK to have a baby via artificial insemination. Today, male rhino Simba plays his part in the process but there's drama when he fails to recover from his anaesthetic.

Episode 6

Series 5 · Episode 6

Today the meerkats start the day with boiled eggs for breakfast and the keepers join Babyface the harbour Seal in his pool when an underwater filter becomes blocked. Keeper Kelly discovers that Tallulah the Timber Wolf has given birth to six cubs.

Episode 7

Series 5 · Episode 7

Today we catch up with Katavi the hand reared cheetah cub as he takes his first steps outdoors. Elsewhere new arrival Century the giraffe faces his biggest challenge yet when he comes face to face with Colchester's rhinos for the very first time.

Episode 8

Series 5 · Episode 8

We join Senior Keeper Richard as he attempts an unusual experiment involving a melon, a tea bag and around eight million ants. Elsewhere, new arrival Century the giraffe is unveiled to the waiting public.

Episode 9

Series 5 · Episode 9

It's crunch time at the rhino house. After months of hard work the team finally discovers whether white rhino Cynthia is pregnant. If she is, Colchester Zoo could be celebrating the first rhino in the UK born through artificial insemination.

Episode 10

Series 5 · Episode 10

Chaos the reindeer arrives and has never been handled before so proves quite a challenge. We also catch up with rare Amur tigers and we find out what happens when hand reared cheetahs come face to face with Zoo Director dogs.

Episode 11

Series 5 · Episode 11

When a giant African Spurred Tortoise develops a leg problem there is no option but to operate. Elsewhere Katavi the hand reared cheetah cub accompanies Zoo Director Anthony to work and the elephants are treated to a jumbo ice lolly!

Episode 12

Series 5 · Episode 12

The keepers face an emergency when a rare cat has a seizure, it's training day with some particularly snappy crocodiles and Colchester's cheetahs get to play with a highly unusual ball of wool!

Episode 13

Series 5 · Episode 13

An army of keepers are required to vaccinate an entire section of the zoo but it won't be easy. Weighing in at twelve stone and packed full of attitude Merlin the Rocky Mountain Goat will do all he can to avoid the needle.

Episode 14

Series 5 · Episode 14

It's a busy day at the sea lion pool as there is a brand new display for the summer season. There's only one problem the sea lions are determined to sabotage the rehearsals. In the office Katavi, the hand reared cheetah cub has to get shots.

Episode 15

Series 5 · Episode 15

It's an exciting day at Colchester's famous aardvark burrow as the keepers suspect a baby might be on the way. At the mandrill enclosure the veterinary team are called in when troop leader Dume develops a bad tooth.

Episode 16

Series 5 · Episode 16

Zoo Curator Sarah has the job of feeding hand reared cheetah cub Katavi, there's drama when the team try to catch a poorly penguin and at the reindeer enclosure a new arrival gives everyone a work out.

Episode 17

Series 5 · Episode 17

There's an emergency when Piora the tamarind escapes. Elsewhere the team step in to save a sick crowned crane chick and there's an unusual naming ceremony for one of the zoo's cutest new arrivals.

Episode 18

Series 5 · Episode 18

When the team are tasked with moving some squirrel monkeys into a new enclosure a shocking attack leads to a dash for the animal hospital. At the giraffe house new arrival Century gets measured.

Episode 19

Series 5 · Episode 19

Today Zola the African elephant rejoins the females after eight months apart. At the Orang-Utan house the team prepare for a life or death procedure and an upsetting discovery leaves big questions over the future of hand reared cheetah cub, Katavi

Episode 20

Series 5 · Episode 20

There's drama when the team anaesthetise Rajang the Orang Utan to move him to his new home. Elsewhere there's exciting news at the aardvark house with the promise of a new baby while at the vets hand reared cheetah cub has x-rays to decide her future.