You Deserve This House

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Series 3 Episode Guide

Jane Down

Series 3 · Episode 1

You Deserve This House is the ultimate feel-good makeover show that promises spectacular transformations, inspirational stories and a tear-filled climax as our homeowner is overwhelmed by both a surprise reunion and a home renovation. Take one amazing individual or couple who has spent all their time and efforts helping others. They could be foster parents who have turned around the lives of underprivileged children or a charity worker who spends all their time working for others.

Nikki Smith

Series 3 · Episode 2

Nikki Smith has been the driving force behind The Hart & Rushmoor Autism Group, which supports parents of kids with autism. Her home is about to get a new lease of life as Amanda Lamb & some of the grateful parents make over her house.

Louise Loxham

Series 3 · Episode 3

Louise Loxham, not only cares 24/7 for her husband Ian, who has multiple sclerosis, but also volunteers and fundraises for an organisation to support carers. Now, Amanda Lamb is thanking her by making over her home.

Chris Burrows

Series 3 · Episode 4

Amanda Lamb & a team of volunteers attempt one of the most cluttered & ambitious makeovers to date, in 36 hours, for mental health worker Chris Burrows. For the last 20 years, Chris has tirelessly run a drop-in centre for people with mental health issues.

Barbera Trimble

Series 3 · Episode 5

Amanda Lamb is surprising Barbera Trimble who has sacrificed 30 years caring for people who have neurological problems. Her selfless work has inspired the people who have been helped by Barbera to join Amanda and give up their time to make over her home.

Paul Everest

Series 3 · Episode 6

Amanda lamb surprises Paul Everest, a Special Olympics judo coach who founded Westerleigh, a judo club which helps disabled youngsters transform their lives through sport.

Ian and Katherine Payne

Series 3 · Episode 7

There's a double surprise in Leicestershire as Amanda Lamb surprises two tireless community volunteers, husband and wife Ian and Katherine Payne. Now some of the people they've helped have secretly come together with Amanda to transform their house.

Alice Halstead

Series 3 · Episode 8

Despite suffering from a rare form of diabetes and needing around the clock attention, Alice Halsted has raised over £35,000 for children's charities. Now Amanda Lamb and some of the people who Alice has helped are secretly making over her house.

Ian 'Chalkie' White

Series 3 · Episode 9

British Strongman Ian 'Chalkie' White has raised more than £100,000 for charity. Now he's about to be thanked in a way he could never imagine, as Amanda Lamb and a team of grateful Lincolnshire volunteers attempt to secretly makeover his home.

Jill Stidever

Series 3 · Episode 10

Jill Stidever has helped pioneer swimming therapy for disabled children and adults all over the country, but now it's time for her home to receive some love and attention from the people she has helped over the years.

Irene Ashton

Series 3 · Episode 11

Amanda Lamb and a team of Leicestershire volunteers attempt to transform the home of tireless charity worker, Irene Ashton who has dedicated her life to helping people with mental health problems.

Mark Fretter

Series 3 · Episode 12

Mark Fretter retired and volunteered as a first aider for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, saving countless lives over the years. Now Amanda Lamb and some of the people who Mark has helped are going to give up their time to secretly makeover his house.

Maria Henry

Series 3 · Episode 13

Former teacher Maria has been a foster carer for 20 years and now some of the children she's fostered, and people she has selflessly helped along the way, are secretly giving up the next 36 hours to makeover her home as a huge thank you.

Neil Crouch

Series 3 · Episode 14

Ten years ago he founded a community club for mentally and physically disabled people. Now, Amanda Lamb and some of the people whose lives Neil has transformed over the years are giving up their time to make over his house as a massive thank you.

Pauline Walker

Series 3 · Episode 15

Pauline works full time but every weekend for the past 25 years she has made a three hour round trip to voluntarily run swimming classes for disabled youngsters. Now the people who have been helped by Pauline are secretly making over her home.

Jean Gleadall

Series 3 · Episode 16

Jean Gleadall has worked tirelessly to transform the lives of people in Sheffield. Now, Amanda Lamb is going to bring together some of the grateful people Jean has helped over the years to say a massive 'thank you' by secretly making over her home.

Ifty Choudary

Series 3 · Episode 17

Amanda whisks Northampton community leader, Ifty Choudary, away for a well-deserved surprise break while his house receives a secret makeover.

Michelle Wills

Series 3 · Episode 18

Amanda lamb visits County Durham to surprise Michelle Willis who has been caring for seriously ill patients and their relatives in her local area for over 24 years. Now, people who she's helped are secretly coming together to makeover her house.

Janet Colley

Series 3 · Episode 19

Amanda Lamb surprises 56 year old Janet Colley, who has dedicated her life to helping people in her community get back to work. Now, the people who she has helped over the years are secretly giving up their time to make over her house.

Jean John

Series 3 · Episode 20

Amanda Lamb surprises Jean John in Clapton, East London who 22 years ago set up the charity, Wayside, which runs a community centre offering a vital lifeline to those who are lonely, isolated or vulnerable.