World's Strictest Parents USA

Episode Guide

Series 3 Episode Guide

Allen Family

Series 3 · Episode 1

The Allens are a family who own &run a farm.Teamwork,respect & discipline are practiced in their daily lives.For one week, the Allens take in visitors of a very different nature:dysfunctional teenagers.

Malone Family

Series 3 · Episode 2

The Malones believe that hard work teaches respect. Terry is a retired SWAT commander.They will take in Taylor and Gina for a week-two dishonest,disrespectful teens who turn their noses up at authority.

Smith Family

Series 3 · Episode 3

The Smiths train and show horses on their farm. They feel that working with horses provides kids with responsibility and respect.For a week their parenting skills will be tested when disrespectful teenagers come to stay.

Pavoni Family

Series 3 · Episode 4

The Pavonis have instilled a strong work ethic in their kids.Both are tragically aware of the consequences that can come from bad decisions:they have lost a son to drugs.For a week,the Pavonis open their home to two disrespectful teenagers.

Bledsoe Family

Series 3 · Episode 5

The Bledsoes believe in parenting by example.They set the pace for their kids on daily runs.For a week they will add two spoiled,entitled teenagers to the home.Sarah believes her looks will get her everything&Peyton refuses to obey his mom.

Moyer Family

Series 3 · Episode 6

Charles and Traci are formidable parents.Traci is an investigative journalist, and Charles has a military background. For one week they invite two out of control teenagers into their Indiana home- selfish Sierrah and isolated Gavin.

Tilley Family

Series 3 · Episode 7

Unruly teens Christine Jesse are used to lax regimes.Out of options,their hopeless parents have turned to the tough Tilleys for help.But from the moment Eddie discovers what Jesse has brought into his home,it's clear things could get ugly.

Hughes Family

Series 3 · Episode 8

The Hughes live on a Florida ranch.If house rules aren't obeyed,walking around a field balancing a water filled 'slosh pipe' is punishment.Teens Jacob&Tyler are used to very different regimes- they're going to make sure everyone knows it.

Illig Family

Series 3 · Episode 9

The Illig's are dedicated to making a difference-they've been foster parents to countless kids.Troubled teens Sebastian & Bekki are to experience life with them for one week.Both are behaving in ways which could jeopardize their futures.

Fisher Family

Series 3 · Episode 10

The Fishers are a huge family,with children ranging in age from 5-17yrs.There is no room for slacking or disrespect.For a week the Fishers take in two self-absorbed party girls who abuse the rules & put themselves in precarious situations