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About the Show

About the Show

The BAFTA-winning Wife Swap returns with a brand new series. Sparks fly as two wives from radically different families swap places for two weeks. It’s not just the wives that need to get used to a new family, but the husbands and children are given a wake-up call too as they have to adapt to new house routines. Packed with suspense, Wife Swap gets right to the heart of the way we live and lifts the lid on the choices different people make about how to live their lives: people’s spending priorities, what they expect of their partners of an evening, how they divide up the parenting, the shopping, the housework, how much or how little they go out, what role food plays in their lives, and what they want from their social lives.

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Posted by Report
It's more about money than it is the families, that rich lady was a complete snob.
Posted by Report
Oh in Australia?!
Posted by Report
How do you get on and apply to do this? And do you get paid to do this?
Posted by KarlinaReport
i just saw an ad on wife swap in Australia..but i'm not sure how to apply from here....
Posted by Report
already finished starts on austar form9/1/12
Posted by TaniaReport
do you do the wife-swap,house swap?
Posted by Report
love the show expecialy the uk one hope to see someone i know lol
Posted by Carol AReport
Having watched life Style's Wife Swap (EP5) earlier this evening, I ask myself Why? In truth the Asian woman was only telling it as it is. The girls were/are a bit on the tubby side (I am being kind) Plus I don't think that for one moment the Asian woman intended to be unkind either, she is Asian and Asian's do tend to comment quite freely on a persons weight. It's not uncommon for them to greet a friend who may have stashed on a bit of weight by saying "AHYA, SO FAT LAH. No offence is really intended.
Lets face it, a size 12-14 is considered to be outsize to them. We are generally, like it or not, of a much larger stature. As for parenting skills, neither couple seemed to have quite got things together?
Posted by Report
I don't think you should make excuses for her behaviour. It IS judgmental and of course Asian people don't understand why it can be so hurtful, because its mostly not an issue for them, racially. Oliver wasn't exactly trim by the way! They can't be talking about diet when all those two little girls eat is sandwiches or toasted sandwiches. Both families were not making good dietary decisions and yet Phuong felt the need to focus on that as her improvement, whereas she should be looking a bit closer to home. You can still have many, many health issues if you're not overweight, and those two little girls really have no chance. Phuong just kept laughing awkwardly when saying something stupid, instead of a) trying to see it from their point of view and b) apologizing sincerely for her insensitivity. You're not overweight, are you carol?
Posted by Report