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Montford and Barry

Series 1 · Episode 001

In this first episode of Wife Swap Australia, one wife living the life of luxury will swap lives with another who lives in a basic home in the outer suburbs.

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Zantey and King

Series 1 · Episode 002

If Wife Swap Australia is about putting polar opposites together – then this is the ultimate episode. The regimented, ‘commando of clean’, Leanne King is swapping her life for a week with singer and songwriter, Bernadette Zantey. One thrives on hard work and order, while the other thrives on dreams of getting a big break.

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Jackson and Daly

Series 1 · Episode 003

The Jackson and Daly swap is what Wife Swap Australia is all about. Both women thought they had things ticking along perfectly in their own homes but the swap made them realise they could do things better.

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Sivkova and Mansell

Series 1 · Episode 004

This Wife Swap Australia exchange sees two wives with completely different views about the pace they choose to live their lives. Marina Sivkova is a driven perfectionist who works all day and spends a few short hours at home before heading off to her ‘hobby job’ – refereeing basketball. Kylie Mansell has left the rat race and a huge mortgage behind in the city for a relaxed life in the country, living on a bus.

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Dedes & Biecker

Series 1 · Episode 005

The Dedes and the Biecker families explore whether ‘good food’ and ‘good times’ are more important than order and cleanliness in the home. The outgoing and entertaining Christine Dedes and her defacto husband, Martin Jenkenson have four children, 12 pets and a philosophy that life is for living, not cleaning. Phuong and Oliver Biecker meanwhile, like keeping a minimalist house and believe enforcing strict rules on their two young daughters means less conflict.

Wilkinson & Matikanen

Series 1 · Episode 006

Karin Wilkinson has a very confronting Wife Swap Australia experience when she swaps lives with Christian wife, Carey Matikainen. Motorbike loving Karin arrives at the super clean Matikainen house and is amazed to find out that mum Carey does everything, while also running a business. None of the three children who still live in the house, or husband Harry lift a finger to help.

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West & Driscoll

Series 1 · Episode 007

Two Australian wives are completely thrown out of their comfort zone as pampered trophy wife Tanya Driscoll, is swapped with hard-working, circus performer Shannon West. ‘Oh My God!’ is all Tanya can utter as she is driven into the country showground where Stardust Circus is set up to perform. She is pleasantly surprised by the West caravan home, but appalled to read in the household manual of the life she is about to lead. Living the other wife’s life, Tanya is expected to swing on the flying trapeze and do a lot of hard yakka like emptying out the caravan’s toilet.

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Clark & Harding

Series 1 · Episode 008

It’s the clash of parenting styles as strict ‘white witch’, Michelle Harding spends a week in Cherie Clark’s ‘no rules’ home, where clowning around is more important than routine. On arrival in the Clark home, Michelle finds beds and washing piled up everywhere and starts to worry about how many children she is looking after. The manual reveals there are seven Clark kids who rule the roost. The four school age daughters more or less decide whether they are going to go to school each day. Michelle is not impressed.

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Faber & Liggins

Series 1 · Episode 009

Christian mother of three daughters, Yolonda Faber is adamant that her role in life is to be a nurturing mother. She is thrown completely out of her comfort zone when she swaps lives with hard working, fashion designer and atheist, Cindy Liggins.

Kuhn & Marshall

Series 1 · Episode 010

The ‘Queen of Clean’ – Christina Kuhn, will swap lives with Leesa Marshall - a car-lover who lives in an outback shed. Both wives want their husbands to get a kick in the backside from the swap experience. Christina wants husband David to ‘man up’ and make some decisions, while Leesa thinks Darren should help with the ‘inside’ jobs and spend less time lying on the couch watching footy.