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Wayne and Tom from Gogglebox Talk Marriage Equality and Family

Wayne and Tom are the cocktail connoisseurs of Gogglebox Australia.

Their zest for life and each other quickly won the hearts of viewers, elevating them to a fast crowd favourite. 

But how well do you really know the boys from Melbourne?

Get to know more about the real lives of Tom and Wayne. 

How are the wedding plans going? You said you're not going to get married until there is equality, but have you done any planning?

Wayne: We are still trying to come to terms with where [we would have the wedding]. My dream is to get married on a beach.

Tom: We would have liked to get married ten years ago when the kids were still teenagers, just to show them about stable relationships - but now that they're older, we'll get married for ourselves. It won't be like 400 people carrying on, it will be Wayne and I and the kids taking off somewhere.

What happened when Wayne and Tom met? Watch below.

Last week you watched 'Find My Family', and Wayne revealed he was born in a Salvation Army hospital and was given up for adoption. He said he later found his birth mother but she didn't want to see him because he was gay. How did your fan base react to that?

Wayne: It was incredible. Just the overwhelming support on social media. It was mind blowing. We were actually filming when it aired so we hadn't seen it and our phones just lit up. We couldn't understand what was going on until the next morning, and I was on the train to work and I started going through [the messages]. The outpour from people was just incredible. People started sharing their own stories and it was beautiful.

Tom: That's been the good thing about Gogglebox - you do touch people's lives. With Wayne sharing his story and getting upset... We had a time when a young girl wrote to us last season saying her dad was very homophobic and she was a lesbian that wasn't out and he actually said 'you know, they're just like normal people - they're kind of funny'. So, I suppose we are having a small impact in a way.

Wayne: We changed her father's values on same sex couples.

Tom: We weren't actors. He didn't want to like us but after watching the season he thought, 'You know, they've got kids, they're funny, they like a drink.'

Wayne: I think that's been the biggest thing for us. It's made us realise just how much of the country has changed their opinions about a lot of things.

Tom: Except the government. [laughs]

Watch Wayne's moving revelation after the 'Find My Family' segment:

Well, that leads to one of my other questions... if you could send out a message about marriage equality, what would it be?

Wayne: It's not just the marriage, it's the civil rights that come with it. A lot of people don't know it's not just us being able to get married and live together - it's everything that goes with it. So, for example, my heart attack, people don't know that the hospital could have actually stopped Tom from coming to see me or making any decisions about me because they don't recognise us as a couple. So, people don't realise it's all the social stuff that goes with [marriage]. It's the finance, the medical, the legal - like our wills.

The stuff we've had to do for our wishes to be met as a gay couple have been phenomenal. Which is unfair because straight people don't have to go through the same hoops we do. I think for us that's the biggest thing. We want civil rights.



The bastard has gone and had a heart attack on me... and i have forgotten where we put the will. ??#pradasale #goggleboxau

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Tom: I think if the church wants to have an opinion on social impacts, then pay a social tax. If you're not paying tax then you have no right - keep your moral stuff to yourselves, you have no right to social commentary.

So, on a lighter note, we only see a snippet of your living room - who is the decorator of the house? Or do you share that role?

Wayne: [Laughing] Tom will say it's him.

Tom: We fight a lot about that because I would have coloured walls.

Wayne: Tom has very eclectic taste. Tom would have everything and anything. I just tone it down. I let Tom go and decorate, and then I walk behind him and simplify it. So, a week later he'll go, 'oh, where's that thing that I put up?', and I'll just tell him he forgot to put it out.

Tom: He lets me have the windowsills, I hide all my s**t in there. [Laughs] I know he does it too - but I have to give him some control.

You touched on this in our live video chat... you plan on getting a farm?

Tom: That's our dream.

Wayne: Our biggest dream. And that's our five year goal. When we are ready to retire in Victoira... We are looking up somewhere in Yay, Northern Victoria. Our dream is to have 50 acres, some live stock and just be sustainable. Close the gate and forget about the world. And when the grandkids come along, what a great way to bring the kids up.

Watch the live chat below:

And finally, all of your fans love your weekly cocktails, what's your favourite drink?

Wayne: Mine is bubbles. I love a champagne and a beer. Pretty simple taste.

Tom: And I hate beer. Hate it. It's the devil drink.

Wayne: Cosmo would be Tom's go-to.

Tom: Tequila is my favourite.

Wayne: Frozen margaritas.

Tom: Also my favourite.

Wayne: When we go out, Cosmo is our favourite. When we have people over it's frozen margaritas.

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