United Bates of America

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Series 1 Episode Guide

The Bates Family

Series 1 · Episode 1

This real-life series welcomes viewers into the Bates household, a "mega-family" consisting of Gil and Kelly Bates and their 19 children. Watch as they try and manage day to day life with a huge brood of children.

Love Times 21

Series 1 · Episode 2

Gil and Kelly Jo just welcomed their 19th child into the world, but some complications send little Jeb back to the NICU. Back home, the rest of family pulls together to create a special homecoming.

Papa Bill's Farm

Series 1 · Episode 3

The Bates head to the farm! Gil and Kelly Jo load up the family bus and head to see Gil's parents. We'll meet Papa Bill and Mama Jane and see what they think of having 19 grandchildren!

Pracrice Makes Perfect

Series 1 · Episode 4

Gil and Kelly Jo discuss how they manage their 19 children and how they got them to become the well behaved children that they are.

19 Kids, 1 Emergency

Series 1 · Episode 5

The kids must fend for themselves when Gil rushes Kelly Jo to the hospital after realizing she's dealing with more than just the flu. How will they handle life at home without mom and dad?

New Editions

Series 1 · Episode 6

Gil and Kelly Jo have decided to take on some new tenants: chickens! Despite past failed attempts at keeping chickens, they're determined to make their land productive.

19 In Training

Series 1 · Episode 7

Education comes in many forms for the Bates family. Watch as Kelly Jo teaches some of the younger girls how to cook. And later, can the boys keep up when Gil, a former state champion, teaches them how to wrestle?

Bates Plus 12

Series 1 · Episode 8

When you have a family of 21, what's a few more houseguests added to the mix? The Bates get a visit from their friends the Paines who are a family of 12. Later, the family has one very big announcement to share.

Bates & Duggar Reunion

Series 1 · Episode 9

The Bates Family is heading to Texas for the annual home schooling conference! Watch as we see what it takes to get 21 people packed, loaded up and out the door for a week-long trip.