Toddlers and Tiaras

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Series 6 Episode Guide

Disco Fever Pageant

Series 6 · Episode 1

Coffee loving Alexa, 2 goes up against diva Janeyah, 3 and her two moms as well as Brooke, 4 and her bodybuilder father JD. See whether Alexa melts-down after her sugar high and Janeyah's prop passes the glitz test.

Sugar & Spice

Series 6 · Episode 2

Distracted Bailey, 3 goes up against Daddy's girl Riley, 4 and Kelsie, 1 who gets a mayonnaise treatment on her hair. This pageant is explosive as one mother is banned!

Galaxy Queen

Series 6 · Episode 3

4-year-old Katlyn's family prays for pageant success. Ava, 3 and her mom channel spirits. For Iyslah, 7, it is her first glitz pageant.


Series 6 · Episode 4

It's all about the entrance when Elizabeth, 6 and her Noni return to compete against Ava, 5 and Mimi, 3. In Las Vegas it's anyone's chance to win over the drag queen celebrity-impersonated judges.

Galaxy Queen

Series 6 · Episode 5

4-year-old Katlyn's family prays for pageant success. Ava, 3 and her mom channel pageant spirits. For Iyslah, 7, it is her first glitz pageant.

When I Grow Up Pageant

Series 6 · Episode 6

23 month-old Lyric has a family of female wrestlers. Five year-old twins Giavanna and Alycesaundra are considered pageant royalty.

Around The World Pageant

Series 6 · Episode 7

Brenna, 6 is back and is now a local celebrity that expects the royal treatment. Sophia-Rayne, 3 shows off some of her Native American roots with a glitz twist.

Starz n Glitz:Stone Age

Series 6 · Episode 8

Charli, 2 is a DIT (Diva in Training), Savannah,3 hates pageants and loves hockey, and Maddisyn-Rae,2 loves eating her boogers.

Me & My Pet

Series 6 · Episode 9

Lily, 3 competes with her horse, Blackjack. Gabby ,4 wrangles her pooping guinea pig, Puddin. Rainbow Dash, 4 trains her Dad and her dog, Titi. Katie coaches two of the girls, while two of the girls have the same theme.

Puttin' on the Glitz Pageant

Series 6 · Episode 10

In White Plains, NY, Kelsie, 1 and her mom, Trystian, are back to redeem their name after getting banned from the pageant in Las Vegas. Brooklyn, 3 has a big personality she's not afraid to share.

Hollywood Starz:Hip Hop

Series 6 · Episode 11

Malina, 5 and her father, Harry, are on a mission to change views of Indian contestants. Adrianna, 4 rocks out as Eminem with her large family. Devin, 5 gets painted head-to-toe by her mother.

If I Were A Rich Girl

Series 6 · Episode 12

Kate, 4 and her doll, Katie, take on pageants. Cherish, 6 competes against her mother. Kaden, 5 loves football and pageants. At the pageant, will Cherish place or will her Mom beat her on stage?

History of America Pageant

Series 6 · Episode 13

Traven, 7 and his mother, LaNesia, are back and put on an Uncle Sam performance. Aja, 5 and her ex-beauty queen mother, India, clash when it comes to practicing. Jaidyn,6 and her mother Tiffany take on Dr. Seuss.