Toddlers and Tiaras

About the Show

About the Show

The show that has everyone talking is back with a brand new series. Toddlers and Tiaras delves into the bizarre and controversial world of child beauty pageants. Following the pageant circuit across America, young girls are paraded around wearing makeup, false eyelashes, spray tans, fake hair and high heels to be judged on their beauty, personality and costume. But the real intrigue of this series lies with the pushy parents who are desperately on the quest for big titles and lots of cash. In the weeks leading up to the pageant the preparation is intense, with nail and hair appointments, finishing touches on gowns and numerous coaching and rehearsal sessions. When pageant day finally approaches, all of the hard work is put to the judges and the drama intensifies as each parent is determined to prove that their child is the most talented and beautiful.

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Posted by Sophia98Report
i think that toddlers and tiaras are bad they look like barbie dolls. They are not live like kids and they need to now that kids only live one kids should be play out side but they are being judge on how they look i now how much kids want to be barbies but toddler and tiaras have tack it to far . I did't think that mothers will do that to there child.
by year 6 kid
Posted by Report
I saw something on TV the other day that disgusted me. It showed a Woman (not a Man) having an ANAL wax... yes it WAS on lifestyle. It was so painful, she actually took a DUMP on the wax strip, which they showed on TV. So, not only did we see a naked Woman having her "private" parts waxed, we also saw her have a ... on some wax paper.... I wonder if that's what our "future" toddler beauty pageant queens are going to be doing..I can guarantee, they are not going to be Chief Justices or Fighter Pilots. What a horrible fate.. to be condemned to BREED ( as one does a farm Animal), to have less opportunity and to PUBLICLY WHORE your own daughter, because EVEN her own MOTHER knows she has no chance to succeed any other way. No money for Girls... NOT now not ever. We have reduced our daughters to whores, just like the Romans.
Posted by Report
pmsl lol... funny i like that comment alot
Posted by Louisa39Report
If you think other parents are the only ones who have an issue with this show or pageants in general then you are just plain stupid. Im a normal 19 year old and everyone I know thinks that what you people do to your kids is evil and wrong. ITS ALL FAKE.
Posted by Report
This person is a predator, don't respond to this comment.
Posted by Report
dont complain when something happens to your kid then, this show is wrong
Posted by Report
I totally agree. It brought tears to my eyes when she very obviously ignored AshLynne, and doted upon BriAnne. It makes me sick that women like that are able to own children. Because of her, one very beautiful little girl will be lacking self confidence all her life, all because she was ignored and looked down upon by her very own mother. Another thing- what's going to happen when they both become teenagers? Who will AshLynne confide in? I can also guarantee that BriAnne will be a very spoilt brat by then!
Posted by bluedogReport
I think that is why the organiser gave AshLynne the Directors Award. I so applaude that woman for doing that.
Posted by bertie2Report
by looking at how many people write comments about this program shows that the show is causing controversy .. I personally dont like the show I watched it with my daughter (8) and I turned it off, sometimes their clothes where inappropriate. One child was screaming at her mother and the mother took it. who really is this show for?
Posted by Emma674Report
I see both sides of this, but complaining does not do anything.
I personalty don't see anything wrong with these pageants, but that's just my view.
I just wanted to say that even if this show was to get axed these pageants would still happen. Toddlers and Tiaras isn't the reason these pageants started.