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Series 1 · Episode 9

After ending his engagement, Matthew is determined to be a homeowner. Having decided to go tiny, he's enlisted sisters Lila, an architect, and Jenny, a real estate agent, to help him find the perfect pad.

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    26 June: 8:45am on Lifestyle

Series 1 · Episode 10

Mickey and Catalina are ready to leave their city apartment for a tiny house. They're hoping to find a home that's close to their favourite hiking trail, has enough yard space for their beloved dog, and has a great design aesthetic.

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    27 June: 8:45am on Lifestyle

A Moving Decision In Montana

Series 4 · Episode 1

Outdoor lovers Ben and Dylan are looking for a tiny home on the range outside of Billings in rural Montana. Ben wants a mobile abode so the couple can move one day without moving out, while Dylan is all about planting roots.

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    14 July: 12:20pm on Lifestyle

Texas Techies Go Tiny

Series 4 · Episode 2

Jaimie and Mike live together in a large Austin condo with their many pets. They're both on board with Mike's dream to launch his own tech start-up, and to fund it, they've agreed to commit to a tiny, cost-efficient lifestyle.

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    14 July: 12:45pm on Lifestyle

A Tiny New Orleans Collaboration

Series 4 · Episode 3

Reggie is an engineer in Seattle, who has a passion for music and has toured the world playing the jazz saxophone. Now Reggie's ready to lay down musical roots in The Big Easy, and brought along his lifelong friend Faye, to help him find a

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    21 July: 12:20pm on Lifestyle

Going Tiny In Tampa Bay

Series 4 · Episode 4

Tampa Bay area couple Joel and Kelly want to cut costs by going tiny so Kelly can stay at home with their 8 year old daughter Lola. Will this family of three be able to find a tiny solution with beach vibes?

  • Reminders Record
    28 July: 1:10pm on Lifestyle