The Vanilla Ice Project

Episode Guide

Series 5 Episode Guide

A Killer Kitchen

Series 5 · Episode 1

Vanilla Ice and his ninjas transform a cramped 80's kitchen into a million-dollar masterpiece featuring onyx countertops, custom cabinets and a glowing jellyfish tank.

Mother Nature vs. Family Room

Series 5 · Episode 2

The roof is leaking as Rob battles a tropical rainstorm while creating the ultimate home theatre room.

Icing the Outdoor Kitchen

Series 5 · Episode 3

Rob and his ninjas create spectacular spaces on the waterfront. An outdoor kitchen and a stargazing observatory put this flip house over the top.

Upstairs Upgrade

Series 5 · Episode 4

Rob tackles the outdated second floor of his beachfront mansion and gives it a facelift, complete with a fifth bedroom and brand-new game room.

Pool Predicament

Series 5 · Episode 5

Rob continues to update the million dollar home by adding on luxe features that will surely attract any potential deep pocketed buyer.

Outdoor Oasis

Series 5 · Episode 6

Rob can take advantage of the ocean view at his Florida mansion and begins the process to create his own outdoor oasis.

Jellyfish Jitters

Series 5 · Episode 7

Rob wants to make this house unique, so he looks straight to the ocean to find it: jellyfish.

Dining Room Deluxe

Series 5 · Episode 8

Rob and his crew are renovating a multi-million dollar home on the water, and it's time to tackle the dining room. A hidden wine cellar and lavish copper tiles set the stage for an opulent room fit for a castle.

Steam Clean

Series 5 · Episode 9

Rob and his ninjas build an epic master bath, fit for a king, complete with a custom red cedar sauna and state of the art safe room.

Master Of The House

Series 5 · Episode 10

The next project Rob and the gang tackles is the master bedroom. Though problems with a hydraulic saw put the whole room reno into question.

Jungle By The Ocean

Series 5 · Episode 11

Rob sets out to make the outside just as palatial as the inside, with some new Floridian landscaping and custom driveway pavers.

Turning Around The Garage

Series 5 · Episode 12

Rob plans to turn the outdated garage into one any car fanatic would love, including a car carousel and wall of cultured stone.

Frenzied Finish

Series 5 · Episode 13

It's full steam ahead to finish the house just days before the big reveal.