The Only Way Is Essex



Amy Childs

Amy Childs has a heart of gold and reckons you shouldn't believe everything you read about Essex Girls.

Candy Jacobs

Former girl group member, Candy from The Only Way is Essex, is a party animal and gossip queen! What dirt will her and best mate Michael dish out about the rest?

Harry Derbridge

Harry is camp as Christmas and we love him! All-singing, all-dancing, Harry has captured the heart of the nation, which has collectively taken up the call, "Oh, shuuut uuup!"

James Argent ('Arg')

Arg is the ultimate wingman for his best mate Mark. He’s quite shy (but not afraid to stand up to badmouthing ex-girlfriends!). He laughs at all of Mark’s jokes (even when they’re at his expense) and he has the skills to serenade the ladies in a pinch (always useful to a drama magnet like Mark!).

Mark Wright

Mark is the self-proclaimed Mr. Essex, but is on/off girlfriend Lauren in line to become Mrs. Essex?