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The hard-hitting scene that moved the Goggleboxers tonight

As part of their weekly viewing, the Goggleboxers are introduced to a variety of issues around the world - but tonight's episode featured a segment that hit home.

The Goggleboxers watch a variety of shows each week, where they gain various perspectives and witness another's experience. And tonight, the Goggleboxers were deeply moved from a hard-hitting segment on 60 Minutes, which featured the current protests in Hong Kong. 

Upon viewing the violent events, the Goggleboxers couldn't help but notice the stark differences to their own world, and feel the destruction of others'. 

Grant Jackson is the first to mention the increase in events, noticing that the last time he saw the protests, the crowds were peacefully sitting in the airport. Now, the protesters are at war with the military, throwing tear gas, petrol bombs in the street, and receiving and delivering violence towards each other - 'all in the name of democracy.'

For the Daltons, this especially hits home. Kate reminds her family they were only there two weeks ago, and Holly is shocked to point out that she recognises the hotel where the family stayed, currently the backdrop to the violent events. 

The hand-held footage shows the confronting conditions of the city. "It looks like a war zone," Stacey Jackson says. "This is absolutely terrifying," Di adds.

The 60 Minutes journalist at the event, reports the millenial protesters are fighting for their last chance at democracy, before China takes over Hong Kong and fully implementing their laws.

While Stacey admits she's not familiar with the reason for the protests, Kerry Silbery explains: "China now owns Hong Kong. It was an English colony for 99 years, and the people living in Hong Kong are used to living in a democratic Western society."

"Hong Kong brought in a bill that would make extradition to China a legal practice," Adam reveals. This means that Beijing can seize anyone fighting back, take them to China and make them stand trial for excessive charges. "That was the turning point," says Kate Dalton.

Two million people took the streets to protest against this bill. "Isn't this people voting with their feet?," Adam questions. "Surely this is people power."

But Mick explains the issue: "If they [China] let them get away with what's happened in Hong Kong, it's going to happen on the main land. So, there's no way they're going to let that happen."

The journalist then meets the a leading figure in Hong Kong's pro-democracy movememt, Joshua Wong. "We shall never surrender," the young man explains. "Because we deserve democracy."

"He's got guts, the young fella," Keith says. But Lee is concerned for his wellbeing when she replies, "Yeah, but I wonder how long he'll stay alive for."

Next, the reporter tells that only five days later, Joshua was abducted by an unmarked van, to be charged in China. 

Faye suggests that these events could happen in Australia, with Kerry agreeing and explaining the concern to her daughter: "It could - unless people, young people, like you, are more and more politically aware and inform themselves about what's going on.

"If you just roll over and let things happen and say things like, 'I'm not interested in politics, they're all the same', then these things can happen," she explains.

"I'm actually really, genuinely saddened by this," Tim says, looking hurt. "I love the people in Hong Kong, and I feel like they're going to lose their soul."

Grant Jackson sums up everyone's thoughts when he says, "Do you think we'll ever live in a world that's peaceful?" With an empathetic sigh, his wife replies, "I hope so."

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