The Great Interior Design Challenge

Episode Guide

Series 4 Episode Guide

Regency, Cheltenham

Series 4 · Episode 1

New judge Kelly Hoppen and Daniel will be mentoring and supporting 9 new talented amateur designers who will all be battling it out for the title of champion of The Great Interior Design Challenge.

Model Village, Saltaire

Series 4 · Episode 2

It's the first round of the first heat and the contestants must each transform a living room in three Grade 11 Listed former workers cottages in the pretty town of Saltaire.

Highgate Gothic Revival

Series 4 · Episode 3

It's the last of the heats and this time our group of amateur designers are transforming rooms in Holly Village, a unique collection of Grade 2 listed properties in North London.

Worsley Mock Tudor Houses

Series 4 · Episode 4

It's the quarter final and the two designers who've made it must take on two rooms each, a living room and a sitting room but the stakes are high as Kelly and Daniel must decide who goes through to the semi- final stage.

Aberaeron Georgian Houses

Series 4 · Episode 5

In the second quarter final, our two designers will be battling it out to see who will go through to the semi -final. They'll both have 2000K to spend on two rooms and 48 hours across 3 days in which to complete their challenge.

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    20 January: 5:25pm on Lifestyle

Streatham Art Deco Flats

Series 4 · Episode 6

This time, the amateur designers have two rooms to transform in rather glamorous 1930s Art Deco flats and they will each have be handed a living room and a guest bedroom.

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    21 January: 5:25pm on Lifestyle

Bristol Modernist

Series 4 · Episode 7

It's the semi- final, where two designers will be going head to head for a place in the grand finale, so the pressure is mounting and the stakes are high!

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    22 January: 5:25pm on Lifestyle

Ashby St Ledgers Thatched Cottages

Series 4 · Episode 8

The pressure is really mounting as our two designers go head to head to claim that final position.The challenge is to transform two rooms in pretty thatched cottages in Ashby St Ledgers.

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    23 January: 5:25pm on Lifestyle

Broadstairs Converted Castle Apartments

Series 4 · Episode 9

It's the grand final. Two of our best designers have battled their way through sweat and tears, now just one can be crowned the champion, as they will have to complete their biggest challenge yet!

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    24 January: 5:20pm on Lifestyle