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Series 4 · Episode 1

Twelve new bakers take on their first challenges in the Bake Off shed in the hope of impressing Maggie and Matt and being named Star Baker. This week, the bakers' cake-making skills will be put to the test.

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Series 4 · Episode 2

It's bread week and our bakes must rise to the challenge. They'll take on a Rye and Beetroot bread and add their own twist to the pretzel show stopper challenge.

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Series 4 · Episode 3

This week the bakers are having a barrel of fun with biscuits. Making a batch of chocolate biscuits, French Arlettes and biscuit boxes full of surprises.

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Series 4 · Episode 4

The Bake Off shed has gone vegan and our bakers are challenged to substitute butter, eggs and dairy to create some classic favourites and a tricky technical bake.

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Series 4 · Episode 5

This week, it's a return to the classics and the seven remaining bakers need to bring their personal baking style and understanding of the basics to some traditional favourites.

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Series 4 · Episode 6

It's patisserie week and the bakers must prove their pastry skills and showcase their imagination with decoration.

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Series 4 · Episode 7

The heat is on for spice week, with the bakers having to carefully consider their flavours as they tackle maamoul biscuits and a baklava tower.

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Series 4 · Episode 8

The bakers mix things up to create a fusion of favourites, croissants that look like muffins, doughnuts that aren't quite what they seem, and cakes made from anything but cake.

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Series 4 · Episode 9

It's the semi final in the Bake Off shed and what better way to celebrate than by baking for a party. Matt and Maggie set a series of party-themed challenges that will help them decide who will have a place in the final.

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Series 4 · Episode 10

After nine weeks of whisking, kneading and piping, it's time for the grand final. Our three finalists have three bakes that stand between them and the glory of becoming Australia's best amateur baker.

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