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The Goggleboxers witness all forms of talent on American Idol

The Goggleboxers get the performance of a lifetime.

This week the Goggleboxers sat down to watch American Idol, where they were introduced to 23-year-old Johanna Jones who blew everyone away with her audition. 

Cooking with gas

As soon as the leggy blonde walks through the doors to her audition, she has already impressed her audience. Matty remarks, "Oh! We've got a pretty blonde! Could she be a triple threat?" As Johanna is introducing herself, she mentions that she flips burgers at fast-food chain, In-N-Out Burger. This information appears enough to be revolutionary, with the Goggleboxers stunned.

"Did she just say In-N-Out Burger?", exclaims Tim. But Adam needs a bit more convincing, as he asks Symon, "Is In-N-Out Burger even that good? Isn't it just like every other burger place?" Dumbfounded by his friend's question, Adam responds with only two words: "Shut up."

Getting salty

Judge and country-singer, Luke Bryan, asks what Johanna does to warm up her vocal cords, and she reveals that she eats potato chips. Co-judge Katy Perry almost jumps out of her chair in disbelief at the coincidence of her just eating a packet, and Johanna continues to say that she chooses potato chips for their salt to help inflammation in the throat. They're having a grand old time exchanging reasons why they love chips, until Stacey Jackson interrupts looking puzzled, "What are we doing?" she asks.

Chips are getting more air time than Johanna's singing, and Luke Bryan adds a bit more time as he challenges Johanna to an eating competition. The two begin shovelling chips into their mouth, but not everyone is as eager to watch the race. "What is happening?", asks a confused Matty. Anastasia is also perplexed, "Is this her talent?", she questions. After more chip time, Matty cuts to the point. "At what point is she going to start singing?"

It's sing time

The unofficial advertisement for chips has finally ended and Johanna's vocal cords are well and truly ready. She begins to sing, and her audience becomes even more smitten. Matty and Jad are feeling it, and Di tells it how it is when she says, "She's got a very good voice." After the 23-year-old ends her slow acoustic performance, Lionel Richie suggests that Luke Bryan may be in love.

Kate Dalton confirms the situation when she says, "Oh, this is a lovefest." Isabelle Silbery also gets straight to the point, "He's c*me in his pants and it's a yes and yes", as she gestures to the other two judges. Safe to say, Johanna gets three yes' and is shipped off to Hollywood. 

Jad's eyes have formed into love hearts as he attempts to compliment Johanna the best way he knows how, "She looks like Jessica Wilkinson. Is that her name? Lisa Wilkinson?", he asks. Matty replies, "No, you're thinking of someone different." Jad isn't giving up, as he tries a few more. "No, not Lisa Wilkinson. Amanda Rowe!" It's getting dire, so Matty helps him out. "Yes, Jessica Rowe. We got there," he laughs. Jad confirms his thought. "She looks like Jessica Rowe." The thought was there. 

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