The Goggleboxers uncover their fashion faux pas

The Goggleboxers try on a few new looks.

We all use clothing to shape our image or add to our personality, and for the Goggleboxers, it's no different. Whether it's an experimental pattern or an edgy design, we all need to step outside of our zone every once in a while - no matter what others say. Here's what the Goggleboxers are trying on. 

Versace, Versace, Versace

Di and Mick are lounging in their art-filled apartment when Mick notices his wife's bold patterned shirt. "Is that an Hermes outfit, Di?" he asks. Very casually, she flattens out her designer top and replies, "Oh, yeah. Set me back a fortune. It's Versace, actually." Yes, Mick, actually. 

Brief explanation

At the Delpechitra's, the three males of the family are relaxing on the couch when Tracey comes over shaking a pair of men's black underpants. Holding them up for her husband and sons to see, she exclaims, "Whose is this? This was on the bathroom floor. You guys are disgusting! Throwing everything on the floor and I have to pick this up as the only lady in the house!"

Wendel is quick to remove himself as a possible culprit, as he says, "Too small for me." Younger brother Ethan remains quiet until Patrick perks up and says smiling, "May be mine!"

Tie-dye city

Isabelle and Kerry Silbery recline on their grey sofa wearing neutral-toned colours, opposite Emmie who sits in her chair sporting bright blue and purple tie-dye. Kerry looks at her mother's fashion choice and makes her statement: "It's obviously bought in Queensland, don't you think?" After a brief pause, Emmie cooly replies."Yes, it was bought in Coolangatta," she says. Impressed at Kerry's accuracy, Isabelle questions, "How did you guess that?" Kerry simply replies with a smirk, "Take one look at it."

It's called fashion

Lee and Keith are settled in for a night of telly when Keith notices his wife's sleeve 'fallen' on the side of her shoulder. Thinking he's helping her out, he pushes it up, while letting her know that she may be having a fashion faux pas. But, Lee soon shares that the top is designed to be off-the-shoulder. "I don't care the way it falls down. That's the way the top is!", she says. "I don't know why you're so worried. If my nipple starts to hang out then please, tell me." Keith's quick wit whips around as he cheekily replies, "No, I won't."

Short shorts

Matty and Sarah-Marie are snacking on the lounge watching their friend, Jad perform the squatting action. "Are you ok?" asks Sarah-Marie. Jad reveals that the denim shorts he's got on are too tight, and he's trying to mould them into a comfortable shape.

"I don't know how to sit," he says, while lowering himself onto his chair. He then gestures to his crotch area, and questions Matty, "Do you know what I mean?" Matty certainly does and elaborates for him. "Yeah, it cuts off the circulation." He describes it perfectly, prompting Jad to add, "I know. It almost feels like I've got the tuck done."

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