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The Goggleboxers meet the new pets in town

Crikey! The Goggleboxers witness an unusual union. 

The Goggleboxers settle in for a night in front of the telly when A Current Affair comes on, promising "hard hitting news", as Adam eloquently elaborates. The program features a woman named Vicky who's fighting the Victorian government for keeping her pets in her suburban backyard.

Fabian and Johnny 

It's dinner time and Vicky is preparing food for her pets. Tonight, a large bowl of fish is on the menu. She picks up a pair of tongs and walks over to her pets in the living room, calling out, "Dinner, Johnny!" She then reaches a propped-up swimming pool which is when the Goggleboxers notice two pairs of green eyes and two long snouts. "Crocodile!" Matty shouts, wide-eyed. Keith is also taken aback. "Is that a pet?" Fabian and Johnny are five-foot-freshwater crocodiles, who like the finer things in life. "Doesn't get more Aussie than that!" says Matty.

Cat vs croc

Vicky has housed her freshwater friends for years, training them to be stroked on her lap as the cat purrs next to them, and walk around the house in a harness. Vicky claims she's even trained them to sit. Upon seeing the harness, Matty points and yells at the TV, "We've got the same harness for Bane!"

Vicky continues to show viewers how Johnny sleeps in bed with her, to which Anastasia remarks, "I think she needs a man." Keith also has a thought. "What do you think she's feeding the crocs?" he asks his wife. "Her husband", Lee replies. 


Just as the Goggleboxers have come to terms with Vicky's unusual living situation, things go up a notch when she introduces another of her pets. Crawling through her grassy backyard is Gillie, the 9-foot salt-water crocodile. The Goggleboxers are beyond shocked. "Oh my god! Look at this!" Matt Dalton exclaims. "That's a big bugger, that one!" says Di. Keith puts some perspective to the situation as he says, "You wouldn't want to play footy when the ball goes over!" 


The Goggleboxers then learn that Vicky and her reptiles live in Melbourne, which causes a bit of uneasiness for the Victorian families. "Which part of Melbourne does she live in?" Emmie quietly asks. "Just around the corner from us," Isabelle replies. No biggie. 

Even though Vicky says her 9-foot-crocodile plays in the backyard like any other pet, the Victorian government don't see the similarities. They see the crocodiles as a public safety risk, which Adam agrees with. "That's not an unreasonable thing to request," he says.

But Symon suggests that it's just a matter of geography. "If she was in Queensland or the Northern Territory, they wouldn't care," he says. And just as the program closes, Symon says his witty goodbye. "See ya later, alligator!" Snaps for Symon.

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