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The Goggleboxers learn to mind their manners

No matter who you are or where you've been, your manners should always go with you.

Most of us are taught to knock before entering, say 'thank you' when given a compliment, and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. For some, these life lessons follow into adulthood, but for others, they can seem to drop off. Here, the Goggleboxers remind themselves why etiquette is so important.

Hold eye contact

At Matty and Sarah-Marie's, Jad is sitting in his chair and quietly calls to Bane to get his attention. But Bane couldn't really care less and turns his behind to Jad, focusing his attention to his human parents. Jad feels disrespected: "I was the one feeding you chicken! Now you don't want to be friends with me?" Determined to not give in, Jad continues with sounds and clicking his fingers, before Bane trots off somewhere more enticing. With this brutal move, Jad turns to anger: "Hey! I'm talking to you! Excuse me! Bane! What a user." He's also a dog, Jad, so... you know.

Knock before entering

At the Silbery's, Isabelle is telling Emmie about her startling encounter: "I came over today when you were out, and mum came out of her bedroom and chatted to me. Then I forgot to ask her something, so I went back into her bedroom, walked in on a naked man." Emmie is appalled, but not at Kerry: "Oh my god! Isabelle! Did you knock?" Isabelle says she didn't, and Emmie reveals her house rule: "I have to knock every time I want to talk to your mum."

At the end of the conversation, Kerry says to her daughter, "What lesson did you learn out of this?" Isabelle says she will never go into her room ever again, and that's fine with Kerry. "Exactly, you knock first!" she exclaims. She learnt the hard way.

Be considerate

Adam is on speaker phone to a restaurant, when he reaps the rewards of considerate behaviour. He says to the restaurant that he's overbooked for his reservation the following night, and will only be needing a table for four people instead. When the restaurant confirms his change, they finish with saying, "Thank you so much for calling and letting us know. You are a legend!"

Taken aback by the gratefulness, Adam and Symon look at each other confused. "Far out! I'm going to call up that restaurant and over-book, then call and change it just for a pump up when I'm feeling down!" Symon says. Adam is still shocked: "I did not expect to say 'you're welcome'."

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