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The Goggleboxers fave TV snacks revealed

Everyone has their favourite snacks, and so do the Goggleboxers. 

Watching TV requires organisation. Your phone, blanket and snacks are the main essentials when preparing for a good viewing, and the Goggleboxers seem to agree. Here, they reveal the foods they can't watch TV without.


Lee and Keith are settling in for a night in front of the telly, when Keith produces some snacks. "Want some of my nuts?" he asks Lee, but Lee declines the irresistible offer. Keith is just too polite. He offers again, "You sure? They're tasty." Take a hint, Keith.


Jad is complaining about the unpleasant smell wafting through the house apparently sourced from Bane, but Matty quickly throws the spotlight back on his friend, pointing out that he's wearing a bit of leftover cheese on his face.

Noticeably embarrassed, Jad fiercely wipes each cheek while Matty and Sarah-Marie continue to blame him for the smell. "You're calling him dirty but you're walking around with cheese on your face!" Matty says. But Jad has the perfect response to throw them off guard. "I was saving it for later!"


Adam has gotten himself a special dessert to have while he watches TV. He takes a swig from his glass of custard, leaving a bold yellow moustache above his top lip. Symon notices something different about his friend's appearance. "Did you just get a haircut?" he asks. Adam feels his hair, but then replies with, "Nah, new shirt."

The yellow liquid moustache is still held in place, while Symon laughs, saying, "Oh, that's what it is." Adam then begins to slurp the moustache off, but Symon is not into it. "Don't look at me while you do that," he says.


While Tim is away from the lounge, Leanne remembers a big moment from her day. "Oh my god! How exciting was the thing that I sent you - the spreadable gin on toast," she says, while calling out to her brother. Tim is equally impressed, "I know! That's the best thing ever invented since sliced bread and the wheel."

Easter eggs

Over at the Dalton's, Holly has an emergency. "Who the hell ate my Eeaster egg? " she yells. "It's not funny." Holly looks at each member of her family, searching for a response. Her parents both deny their involvement, which just leaves Millie.

Over at the Dalton's, Holly has an emergency. "Who the hell ate my easter egg? " she yells. "It's not funny." Holly looks at each of her family, looking for a response. Her parents both deny their involvement, which leaves Millie. 

Holly's eyes go straight to her sister and she begins accusing her, which results in a heated argument, but Kate interrupts revealing vital information. "You've been eating it over a period of time!" she says to Holly. But Holly can't grasp it. "Then how come it's always gone?" she asks. Kate is shocked, but she retorts with, "Because you're eating it!"

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