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The Goggleboxers' best food fails

From making up words to strange eating habits, the Goggleboxers reveal their best food fails. 

Whether it's the widely debated vegemite to butter ratio or the milk before or after the tea divide, we all have our little quirks and the Goggleboxers are just the same. From Jad being scared of olive pips to Di not knowing what an eggplant parmy is, we list some of their hilarious food fail moments. 

Apple or kiwi fruit?

The Jackson family are chilling out when something truly horrifying happens. One of the young Jackson sons takes a bite straight from a kiwi-fruit, with the skin on. The family watch in shock. “What’s wrong with you, boy?” Grant jokes with his son, to which he replies with a mouthful, “Can you eat the skin?” Sister Britney delivers the final verdict. “That’s gross."

Mezzaluna, anyone?

when you forget a word, sometimes it's best to just hazard a guess! That’s what Di does, anyway.  When describing the delicious meal she made recently with eggplant, Di goes out on a limb. “I made that, what’s it called? Is it Mezzaluna?” Mick knows it’s not ‘Mezzaluna’ but helps out with brainstorming. “Parmigeena, isn’t it? Parmigiana?” Bingo! Got there in the end.


At Lee and Keith’s household, Keith is trying to help out his wife who has forgotten the word of a pastry appetiser.  “Connor-bons!” Keith yells. “No, it’s not connor-bons, whatever that is!” Lee snaps. Undeterred, Keith keeps going with his ideas. “But it’s something ‘bons’, isn’t it?” This sparks Lee’s memory, but not all the way. “Vol-au-bons!”, Lee exclaims in delight. Perhaps vol-au-vents, anyone?

Tea timing

Papa Del is ready for TV with his tea and saucer at the ready until daughter, Vestal, notices something odd.  “Why do you have a cup of tea, but your teabag is outside of your cup?” To which Papa Del answers, “I don’t want the tea too strong.” His wife offers some advice, “Just take the teabag out and chuck it into the bin.” But nothing gets past Papa Del. “I don’t have a bin here, unless you want to have it.”

The feared olive pip

Jad is munching away at a Greek salad when he pauses to quickly remove something from his mouth and throws it back in the salad. With a look of disgust, he furiously exclaims, “Who puts seeds in their olives in a Greek salad? Who does that? Look at it! It’s a full one, too!” Matty adds that he has a chipped tooth from the same experience, to which Jad states, “Nothing good comes out of the Greeks.”

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