The Bryk Retreat

Episode Guide

Series 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 1 · Episode 1

Danielle Bryk, a contractor and designer, is called upon by her sister and brother-in-law to help with the completion of their lake house. Unexpected circumstances have resulted in Danielle suddenly managing the build.

Episode 2

Series 1 · Episode 2

Tearing down the old cabin has left the extended family feeling adrift. Danielle is feeling the push and full of her sister and brother-in-law's very different aspirations for the lake house.

Episode 3

Series 1 · Episode 3

Danielle is feeling the pressure of working with family and decisions have to be made as the expensive and detailed interior finishing begins in earnest.

Episode 4

Series 1 · Episode 4

Dealing with her sister's illness and her brother-in-law's absence is taking its tole on Danielle as she reaches the point in the project where decisions must be made.

Episode 5

Series 1 · Episode 5

The stress of taking one step forward and two steps back is getting to Danielle as she gets hands-on helping to move the project forward.

Episode 6

Series 1 · Episode 6

With the lake house built, but by no means 100% finished, the long-planned family reunion takes place, despite Danielle's struggles, without a kitchen or a fully functioning bathroom.