The Biggest Loser UK

About the Show

About the Show

Each day on The Biggest Loser UK, seven seriously overweight couples compete to change their lives forever. Hosted by Davina McCall, this series challenges the contestants to undergo dramatic physical change without any kind of surgery or faddy diets – just sheer sweat and hard work. For eight weeks, under the tight rein of trainers Richard Callender and Angie Dowds, the contestants face intense physical challenges and exercises in a battle to lose weight, transform their bodies, their health and, ultimately, their lives. They live and train together to see who can lose the most weight at the weekly weigh-in and avoid elimination. The reward: a cash prize and the life-changing achievement of finally reaching their goal weight. It’s an emotional, engaging, inspirational and life-changing journey.


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Posted by S28Report
Please give us Australian or American Biggest Looser programs! These UK oneS are really TERRIBLE. I can say that, i come from the UK and watching these bunch of moaning faced minnies is embarrassing. It's not like they seem enthusiastic, all they do is moan. Give us some Australians or Americans with a bit of back bone PLEASE!
Posted by Heidi58Report
I like biggest loser but should make it more interesting have a UK vs AUSTRALIA be a great challenge to watch better than cricket
Posted by Ryndell Report
The finale aired the week after new year.
Posted by loueyReport
not as good as the aussie version but still good and would like to know when the final episode is going to air
Posted by nookieReport
Kevin won!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by MegReport
Love this show.... so motivating, the whole family watch this program.
Posted by Kat1965Report
Classic! Jamie and Katey are my favourites - what a pair of lazy whiners! The show focusses SO much on the physical training aspects of the program.... despite the fact that 70% of weight loss is attributable to diet, while only 30% is accounted for by exercise... I can only guess that the disproportionate amount of time spent watching them in training is because that's where the fascination comes in for the viewers right? Watching fatties kill themselves in any number of unflattering poses garners the ratings. Biggest Loser UK aren't doing their participants any favours - if they spent a little more time focussing on the food aspects, the teams may lose three times as much weight - as the Aussies did. It's working though - I'm watching every night with sick fascination - like a car crash I just can't look away from...
Posted by nookieReport
Just love this show.Its great to watch while on the bike.
Posted by loueyReport
don't know but really want to watch it, was on holidays ,came back watched the episode where they all went home but there was no mention of when the final was going to be on