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Series 5 Episode Guide

Series 5 · Episode 5

Nine girls are still in the fight as they battle to win the heart of Bachelor Spencer Matthews. After the dramatic events in France, the action moves to Tuscany for an episode full of controversy as hackles rise and accusations fly!

Series 5 · Episode 6

As a new day dawns in Tuscany, seven women remain in the running to win the heart of Bachelor. Spencer invites three of them to spend the day with him visiting Pisa's iconic leaning tower and have portraits drawn as a lasting memento.

Series 5 · Episode 7

In the fight to win the heart of the Bachelor, just five ladies remain in the running as he continues the search for his dream woman. Spencer invites three of them to spend the day with him as they go for a romantic picnic.

Series 5 · Episode 8

The Bachelor and the four women left in the competition leave the glamour and romance of Italy and return home to their families. Spencer wants to visits all four of them at home and really see what makes them tick.

Series 5 · Episode 9

Temperatures rise as Spencer's quest to find his dream woman takes the group to the tropical islands in the Bahamas, the ultimate setting for true romance. Each has one last date to impress Spencer before the penultimate rose ceremony.

Series 5 · Episode 10

It's the grand finale. Of the 25 women who set out on the road to win Spencer's heart, only two remain. And at the end of this episode, set on the tropical island paradise of the Bahamas, he will choose one of them to be his girlfriend.