The Bachelor NZ

Episode Guide

Series 2 Episode Guide

Series 2 · Episode 1

A brand new Bachelor, and 23 sparkling kiwi girls. Tonight will be an evening of mixing, mingling and making lasting first impressions.

Series 2 · Episode 2

Jordyn's quest for love is about to get competitive. One girl gets waterlogged, while another braves the waves and reaps the rewards.

Series 2 · Episode 3

Things get messy when a date at sea turns sticky sweet. Later, puppy love inspires the Bachelorettes competitive side, and a shock exit that turns the competition on it's head.

Series 2 · Episode 4

An evening of art and culture leaves one Bachelorette shining, but when a group date gets competitive, shots are fired and boundaries are crossed.

Series 2 · Episode 5

Things get racey on a group date, one Bachelorette gets on top of her fears and later, our girls get in touch with their sweetest side to entice their Bachelor.

Series 2 · Episode 6

A rollercoaster romance leaves one girl head over heels, and later, three's a crowd when one Bachelorette faces her fears on the high seas.

Series 2 · Episode 7

Our jet-setters are exploring foreign territory, battling the elements, and competing for our Bachelors time.

Series 2 · Episode 8

Jordyn heats things up with a fiery Hawaiian romance, one Bachelorette learns that diamonds are a girls best friend, and later a group date worthy of the silver screen has our girls flying high.

Series 2 · Episode 9

A shocking single date see's lines drawn in the sand, and later a hula date steams up when one Bachelorette steals the show.

Series 2 · Episode 10

Sparks fly when Jordan leads one Bachelorette through a Hawaiian Paradise, and after an on organic group date kicks things back a notch, a shocking revelation is announced.

Series 2 · Episode 11

A romp in the wilderness reignites one girls connection with Jordan and later, things take a turn for the adventurous when two girls are left hanging and one takes a hike.

Series 2 · Episode 12

A group date brings out the Bachelorettes wild side, a long awaited single date gets steamy, and one girl's personal interests could rub Jordan up the wrong way.

Series 2 · Episode 13

A slow burning relationship takes a trip in the fast lane, and later some animal antics, bring out a touch of animosity.

Series 2 · Episode 14

Back on home turf, a step by step approach takes one Bachelorette to new heights, and later, the pursuit of adventure leaves some girls wanting more.

Series 2 · Episode 15

A last chance romance takes one Bachelorette to new heights, and later, pirate antics on the high seas and a rose ceremony that leaves one girl in tears.

Series 2 · Episode 16

A sparkling single date sees Jordan get deep, three's a crowd when a bumpy group date leaves everyone feeling unsure and later, an emotional cocktail party threatens to turn the competition on it's head.

Series 2 · Episode 17

For the first time this season, our Bachelor puts himself in the hot seat, and faces up to the families of the final three girls.

Series 2 · Episode 18

Three enchanting fantasy dates, and an ocean full of opportunities, but when an overnight stay is on the cards, will boundaries be crossed and opportunities missed?

Series 2 · Episode 19

Its been a windy road for Jordan, and its all come down to this. The Bachelorettes get one chance to make a lasting impression on Jordan's family.

Series 2 · Episode 20

Our Bachelorettes are back and they're ready to dish the dirt on Jordan, and each other. Our runner up confronts Jordan over her heartbreak, and the happy couple make their first public appearance.