Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$

About the Show

About the Show

Hers is an extraordinary world of private jets, super yachts, fast cars and VIP luxury. Tamara is one of the richest women on the planet. The 27-year-old daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and supermodel Slavica is surrounded by unimaginable wealth and unprecedented celebrity, yet despite her wealth she’s determined to succeed in her own right. This series follows Tamara in her day-to-day uber-rich world.


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Posted by Report
Good luck to her .we all wish we had the money to do what she is doing . living the dream ,,who said mony cant buy you happiness,
tamara good luck to you .....
Posted by Melinda202Report
I watched about 30mins of this show then turned it off. Im sorry Tamara but I think you are just showing off that you are rich. If you want to succeed in your own right, try doing it without Daddy's money. Live a week in the shoes of someone less fortunate, then do something to change it for them.. then you will be a success and then you will be considered beautiful (now, you are just a girl with way too much makeup on and living off Daddy's name & money - another Paris Hilton is what I see - and sorry but I cant stand her either)
Posted by Report
Yes I know she's rich and quintessential about a chipped nail or a pillow but I really feel sorry for her as she's is desperately seeking her fathers approval or love instead of his art works or houses man I wish we were that lucky.
Posted by Report
I think it's insulting...There are people struggling to put a roof over the heads and she is designing crystal baths shipped in from Africa. With a beefcake boyfriend who looks like he has brawn but no brains, she is an atrocious role model to young and old. God help any offspring...She needs to learn the true meaning of money and go without one day to learn how obnoxious she acts.
Posted by Antonia3Report
I'm loving Tamara and her show!