Shaynna's World Of Design



Shaynna Blaze Takes Her Designs to New York

3 minute read

The queen of design Shaynna Blaze wraps up her design journey as she reveals her spectacular lighting range!

Shaynna Blaze: My Amazing Adventure

3 minute read

The queen of design Shaynna Blaze discusses her travels and what inspired her beautiful lighting range.

Shaynna Blaze Reflects: “The Lessons I’ve Learnt”

2 minute read

She’s known for dishing out advice, but exploring the globe for Shaynna’s World of Design reminded this queen of style to stop and reflect

Shaynna Blaze's Organic Lighting Range

1 minute read

Take a look at Shaynna Blaze's Organic Lighting Range, available exclusively at Temple and Webster.

Shaynna’s World of Design premieres in December!

3 minute read

Shaynna Blaze hunts down design inspiration from the hottest spots across the globe in a two-part special.