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Series 13 Episode Guide

Waratah, NSW

Series 13 · Episode 1

Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie are back and helping a family of 6 who are bursting at the seams in a 2 bedroom house. Can the team get them a quick sale so they can move on?

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Turners Marsh, TAS

Series 13 · Episode 2

Mary and David have made the decision to move to mainland Australia due to limited work. The live in a picturesque location, but can the team bring their cramped, hotchpotch house up to standards and help this family move on?

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Crows Nest, NSW

Series 13 · Episode 3

John and Kitsa invested enormous amounts into their business and residential building but are now struggling with debt. Can the team convert its main focus back to a residence with a small business element, to entice buyers?

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Drysdale, VIC

Series 13 · Episode 4

Horse lovers Sand and David are selling their Drysdale homestead near Geelong in order to spend time with family members struggling with monumental life challenges. Can the team update this dated and quirky house?

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Parkerville, WA

Series 13 · Episode 5

Bree and Caleb fell in love with the treetop feel of their house, however when baby Arlo came along the house no longer suited their needs. Can the floor plan be tweaked to make it more appealing?

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Hotel Kaniva, VIC

Series 13 · Episode 6

Jacquie and John have owned this main street pub for 14 years but need a change. After a previous buyer burnt them financially and trashed the pub they are looking for someone to take over and uphold the legacy.

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Glenelg, SA

Series 13 · Episode 7

Sao and Chrissy are struggling with two mortgages and want to sell so they can start fresh, with their beloved pets. Can the team pull off a great makeover to entice buyers?

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Deception Bay, QLD

Series 13 · Episode 8

Narelle and her son Shayne have been living in their 4 bedroom Moreton Bay family home for 35 years. After one failed attempt to sell and move closer to her daughter and grand kids, Narelle needs the teams help.

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Empire Bay, NSW

Series 13 · Episode 9

Jen bought her unique 'swiss chalet' on a bit of a whim in 2017. However it's just become abit too much, given she works full-time and the land requires an awful lot of upkeep! Can a few adjustments from Shaynna and Charlie help?

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The Gap, QLD

Series 13 · Episode 10

If you fancy living in a tropical resort, then this huge colonial-esque property might have your name on it- Sandie and Tony built the house in 2003 for their eclectic family, but now it's time to sell and downsize.

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