Selling Houses Australia

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Monterey, NSW

Series 7 · Episode 11

Anna Nikolis is up to her eyeballs in debt, and her only way out is to sell her beloved home. She originally bought the place with her mother, and they had big plans to renovate and turn it into the perfect house for Anna, her husband, their children and of course Mum. But things didn't turn out as planned. Anna's marriage broke up, Mum died and Anna was left struggling to raise 3 children on her own. She forged ahead with the renovations, borrowing more and more money against the house to complete the work. Now she's out of cash, has debts to the tune of $900,000 and the work is nowhere near finished.


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Posted by Tina735Report
@Christine1978 Also just watched the episode and was looking for the answer to that question... Yes, 1.23m.
Can you imagine having a television crew coming around and not even bothering to remove the bags of garbage from the back yard?!
Posted by Christine1978Report
This has just been repeated and I simply had to say something about this woman. My God, she used the Selling Houses crew and she REALLY used her fabulous Real Estate Agent. Does anyone know if she eventually did sell?? I think I might know why she separated from her husband.
Posted by ZyeReport
What a scummy woman. Got more then she asked for from a real estate agent that went over his due by loaning her the 60k. She then hires a different company to sell her home. Karma will get her back.
Posted by Anne748Report
Would be interested if George was paid back though!
Posted by Anne748Report
I googled this address and eventually found out it sold for $1.35k. Lucky Anna! Not sure she deserved it though
Posted by Georgia371Report
I agree with you Amanda I did a bit of googling myself and found that house was sold by the Professionals, Poor George I hope he gets his 50k plus interest..Does anyone know how much the house actually sold????
Posted by Amanda1918Report
I just saw a middle of the night rerun of this and I must say that it made me cranky. She'd have been lucky to get $1m before SH went in and then she turns down $1.3!! I did some Googling and the house sold in June 14 thru another agent. Hope the first agent sues her for return of investment plus interest. She's a greedy ungrateful cow.
Posted by Michelle2551Report
Still for sale asking 1.325- I hope agent has a caveat on the pty with interest!!!! -
Posted by Sarah2419Report
I just watched this episode and it left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. I knew from the moment the episode started how this was going to end but I didn't expect the ***r real estate agent to get caught up in the mess. Having just googled the property I note it is now for sale through another agency - I hope ***r George got his money back! Very unpleasant and please don't use your children to rationalise your bad behaviour!
Posted by Nerida50Report
Hear Hear Kevin!!!!!! Contemptible woman!