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Grays Point, NSW

Series 7 · Episode 10

Building your own home is quite a challenge but finishing it is another. Gerry and Ruth built their place, on the river at Grays Point in Sydney, with their own hands. It was a labor of love, and after spending 12 months living in a caravan, they moved in when the project was incomplete. That was 27 years ago, and the house still isn't finished. There's no proper bathroom, no stairs to the front door, no balustrade on the balcony the list goes on. Gerry has a passion for flying and it's his dream to sell up, move the country and have his own airstrip. There's only one hitch. No one wants to pay 1.4 million for their waterfront wreck, which to top it all off, they've been trying to sell themselves without an agent!


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Posted by Ben28Report
Attitude of vendors is very familiar - in my experience 1 in 5 vendors sets the price based on what they need rather than what they are advised or what they are offered. In this case a very silly decision on their part, but have to wonder how well they were advised before renovations that the target was to get it up to $1.4m, rather than to get the $1.4m PLUS the reno money they were spending.
Posted by PAM512Report
This couple obviously were repeating their usual pattern of foolish choices and decisions in their past life. Having failed in some crucial areas of their lives, they obviously learned nothing along the about making wise and objective decisions. They seem doomed to live a blinkered life, concentrating only on their selfish ends which are in fact based on their belief that other people need to open their wallets and make up the losses they sustained through their own foolish choices. Others can just hand over money so they can carry on not facing reality and enable a "me first" attitude to continue! They arrogantly tried to sell a dirty unsafe property and showed zero gratitude or even comprehension of their new situation! To be bailed out of their mess by a team of experts and then to spit in their eye! I agree with all the other negative comments about this pair of people. Losers.
Posted by Tammy481Report
Just saw this episode for the first time tonight and I must say I was appalled at the attitude of the owmers come auction. Very rude, abrupt and disrespectful. The SH team were there to help sell and did their job fantastically, the owners did not want to sell that place. Unfair to all the true contestants wishing to be on the show.
Posted by Cristina-BozanaReport
What a load of BOLLOCKS! This was deliberate to get two wonderful designers on board and NOT sell the house at all! They will never sell it! I never seen two slimy pair of people in my life! Their body language and posture alone, at the auction, was defensive and with arms and legs crossed and that is telling a lot. Very much orchestrated by this couple.

As my Mum said, they're users and slime balls.

Both of us are FURIOUS that these two couple made it onto the show. And I feel so sorry for the designers and helpers and the show itself, for their generous time spent doing to this slimy pair's their lack lustre house.

Trust my word, they will never sell... they'll die in that house, now that it's finished.
Posted by Gabby48Report
Sorry but that couple made me angry! An amazing job by the SH team as always - but after 27 years of living without an UPSTAIRS BATHROOM, the woman suddenly develops a spine….at the auction? When they are offered an amazing price?? Puhlease!! Buyers don't care what your debts are, they will only pay what the place is worth.
Must be so frustrating for the team when their clueless clients are in it for a virtually free renovation.
Posted by Natalie1075Report
I dont think these people had any intention of selling that house until after the episode aired on TV. They have it now listed as 1.595 million.