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Inner City Terrace

Series 5 · Episode 9

An inner city Sydney terrace in a sought after suburb should normally fly out the agent’s window, but not Nick’s place. He’s been trying to sell his three bedroom Redfern terrace for 10 months with no joy. Nick, 72, is finding the upkeep a bit much, and wants to move closer to his daughter Athena. However until the terrace sells he has little hope of moving on. Nick first listed with an agent with no success. At the end of the three months he tried to sell the place himself with a hand painted sign, but that hasn’t worked either. Even if Nick could get a buyer through his door, his dreadful presentation and sky-high price tag would most likely scare them away. The terrace hasn’t been touched for decades and Nick’s sparse furnishings are hardly inner city chic. The only solution is to restore this terrace back to its former glory, and make it a stylish abode that trendy urban dwellers will fight over.

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Posted by Christina365Report
The renovation conducted by the team was impressive, as usual and all changes created real value.

The vendor did not do homework to understand the right price for the property in the market at that time and was misled by the agent appointed.

This agent did not seem very professional, inflating the value of the property with no evidence and when asked directly by Andrew for justification for the price she had none, insisting she would not mention a price she was not confident with (850-900k).

Later after a cancelled auction she suddenly realised the property should be around 800k. Loved Andrew's face during that conversation!

Thank you for an informative an inspiring show.
Posted by bella Report
after the show, he tried to go to auction and failed. there was a piece in the sydney newspapers in april '13 saying he wouldn't budge from the 840k asking price. finally sold soon after, but for 825k. honestly should've been less stubborn and accepted 810 in 2011, then he wouldn't have wasted so much money with two failed auctions in 2012 *shakes head* i guess he still made a massive profit, though!
Posted by Report
Looks like Nick is laughing all the way to the bank now !!!!!!!!!
Posted by Report
Just checked internet - SOLD
Posted by Darren207Report
Just checked realestate,com and its still there
Posted by Report
Just checked and its still on the market
Posted by featherfinderReport
Does anyone know where I can get some more info on the glass Atrium used in this episode?
Posted by featherfinderReport
I found what I was looking for in the Articles sections.
Posted by KagcReport
Just checked and its still on the market
Posted by Report
Yes, lets all sell our houses for whatever Andrew Winter suggests!!!!! Shayna your decorating is predictable, repetitive and boring.