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West Footscray

Series 3 · Episode 5

On a generous whim Tom bought this three bedroom weatherboard cottage in 2009 for his 21 year old son who was on an overseas holiday. He paid $476,000 for it and thought he’d bagged a bargain but unfortunately his son didn’t want it. This was a kid who had other plans for further travel and wasn’t ready or willing to take on a mortgage. So three months later it was back on the market with an asking price of offers over $500,000. An offer duly came in for $510,000 but Tom knocked it back assuming the market was on the rise. But since then he’s had no further interest, perhaps because the property looks sad, dated and dowdy. With a decent makeover budget of $25,000 the house is transformed and the agent confident it will sell at auction, finally freeing Tom of the burden.

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Posted by Gary265Report
What was the name of the red grass like plant that Charlie used in the rear of the Footscray house? It was along the side fence and Charlie said it grew to about 1m tall.
Posted by Tony55Report
interested to know where the warehouse is your show bought kitchens etc.
Posted by LucindaReport
I too would like to know where this warehouse is. It looks fantastic!!
Posted by Alan62Report
OK, I'll ask as well, where was the secret tradies warehouse...?
Posted by BrigitReport
One of the best renovations so far but it was always going to look better with just a coat of paint and hire furnirure. I felt Tom just used the show for cheap makeover and given it was an investment property I don't think he was struggling or deserved the help. Alot of my friends thought that Tom and his wife could have easily closed the cafe for a week to help out, as could have their son have taken a week off work. I don't think the show should be helping people like this who clearly have money and are just using the show for a makeover. They could have easily kept the house on the market as an investment property as they had plenty of money in the bank!!!
Posted by "Big Daddy"Report
Does anyone know what discount warehouse was it that Shayanna went to? name and location?

Fowles - Auctions Sales. They are in Clayton, Victoria
Posted by please helpReport
I absolutly loved it !! In the single bedroom come study there is a black and white photo of a dandelion on the wall behind the bed, I have seen it lots of times but cant seem to find where I can get one, can you please tell me where I would find one....
Posted by "Big Daddy"Report
What an awesome result. Congratulations to you all on a fantastic renovation...has to be one of my favorite episodes.
Posted by Georgine2Report
Great show I really look forward to each episode. Would you be kind enough to give me the details of your tradies warehouse as mentioned on this episode. Desperate, as house is in major need of renovation and cannot afford retail prices. Thanks Georgine.
Posted by Report
Fowles Auctions + Sales in Clayton VIC -