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Series 3 · Episode 4

Ian and Jenny are selling the home they’ve lived in for 35 years to fund their retirement. It’s a five bedroom Californian Bungalow located 200 hundred metres from Maroubra Beach and has been on the market for nine months with an asking price of 1.5 million. Very ambitious, given its dated mismatched interior. Young urban professionals, the most likely buyers, are looking for something smarter than this. After Andrew’s straight talking visit, Ian and Jenny agree to part with $25,000 to modernise the place for sale. The money stretches a long way inside and out and the home blossoms into a lighter, brighter, more stylish property. With the asking price still a sticking point between the agents and the owners, the house is re-launched on the market at auction with a nervous Ian and Jenny anxious to see if they will get the price they need.

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Posted by Kristen274Report
That woman is such an ungrateful old cow, they should have left the house mid Reno and walked away. Why did she contact the show if she didn't want anything to change? That was stupid!!! She needs a smack in the face! She is one of the most awful humans and she should be ashamed. Sorry but I can't stand her!!!! I feel sorry for anybody who is unfortunate enough to be related to her.
Posted by Summer38Report
Omg what a horrible woman! How negative, sour and ungrateful can you be!! If she is like that with a camera in her face imagine what she is like on a normal day errgghh. You should be ashamed of yourself !
Posted by juliejay14Report
What a nasty old cow! Why ask for help if you're not willing to take the solution? I have no patience with sheer stupidity and as for ungraciousness...aggghhhhh, the rest of us would give our eye teeth to have such talented, knowledgeable people come in & give advice and use their talents to work magic on our property. There you had a ghastly house and it hadn't sold so then you whine about changing it so it will sell! I can't understand that attitude. They should have left the ignorant pair to it.
Posted by Louise856Report
That woman should be ashamed of herself. She is an ungrateful and nasty person. Without the changes that the hardworking team did they would never have got the 1.4M and all she did was whinge and complain throughout the entire show. She even put a fist into Shayna's face at one stage! Terrible, childish behavior from a mature woman.
Posted by Report
Just watched a re run, can anyone tell me the colour Shaynna painted the walls?? Thanks
Posted by Report
What a devil of a woman ! had no respect of the selling house aus crew or the agent . A house like that near the beach should cater for young families that like a modern feel. She wanted 1.5 mil before the reno and none less after it after they clearly stated it was overpriced . 1.3mil was reasonable , not like it was overlooking the water . The husband hardly got a word in ! ep left a bad taste in my mouth with that rude rude woman . Manners are free lady !
Posted by Report
Spot Graeme! I could not believe how Rude the old sourpuss was
Posted by Report
Are the vendors asked by the show to be obnoxious? It seems to me that a lot are, even on the english version of the show. Maybe these people just went a bit overboard with what they were asked to do.
P.S. What was done to improve the bathroom floor?
Posted by StephanieReport
The biggest problem with this show is having to tolerate idiot home-owners who just can't be told. At least Andrew speaks frankly and eventually gets them to see what needs to happen.

$1.5million? ABSOLUTELY DREAMING !!!
Posted by juliejay14Report
He says what I'd like to say to stupid people too. Good on him.