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How to maximise a property's beautiful views

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home was on the market for over 12 months but is yet to receive any offers.

Simple ways to update a 1980s project home

The Selling Houses Australia crew worked hard to make this dull three-bedder from the 1980s sellable in 2018.

Selling Houses Australia brings this heritage-listed country manor back to life

With its heritage-listed overlay, Tahmoor House is steeped in history, originally operating as an inn in 1824, servicing early settlers and explorers.

Selling Houses Australia declutters a stunning home from the 1900s in Bendigo, VIC

Shirley Wilkins and Steve Sparkes lived in the Bendigo suburb of White Hills in their eclectic, early 1900s home - which also doubles as their antique shop.

This neat and sweet country cottage gets a makeover from Selling Houses Australia

Sarah Hall and Luke Harris were feeling cramped in the three-bedroom, one-bathroom home they shared with their young daughters.

Selling Houses Australia brings this '70s eyesore into the new millennium

The Selling Houses Australia team had their work cut out for them renovating this '70s Spanish mission-style house.

Selling Houses Australia makes this house of two halves whole

Charlie and Shaynna finally complete this half-finished house

Charlie and Shaynna made this Stafford home look double the size

Shaynna and Charlie revamped Phil and Jennifer's home in Stafford, QLD, making the cramped two-bedder feel far more spacious.

This oddball A-frame home gets a fresh and modern makeover

Geoff and Kim-Gai Wright's Western Sydney home felt back to front, until the Selling Houses Australia team moved in.

This cyclone-ravaged beach house is unrecognisable post-makeover

Nicole and Gill were struck with a series of life-changing events that left their house unsellable.