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Can't sell your home and need a makeover from the team? We want to hear from you!

Selling Houses Australia are always searching for homes that will offer fresh challenges for the team. They've been hit with just about every real estate nightmare from on site pylons to flood affected homes, to inner city hovels but there are always more testing property scenarios out there and more home owners in unique circumstances.

So, if your home is stagnating on the market with no buyer in sight then register now. Try to be as specific as possible with your dilemma whether it be location, décor, or an urgent need for a sale.

Please note: your house must be on the market to qualify and must remain on the market after the makeover until it sells.

It will help us assess your submission if you can provide images of your property. Attach the photo files to the submission once you have completed the contact form. Please keep the size of your photos under 2mb and in the following formats: .jpeg, .jpg or .gif to successfully upload.

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