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The Selling Houses Australia A-Team are back doing what they do so well - helping desperate vendors sell, unsellable homes. With 100 makeovers under their belts Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone will again strive to sell another 13 languishing properties. From a dairy farm in urgent need of attention to a very emotional episode in which the SHA team help the children of parents killed in the MH17 disaster, this latest season will see some of the most impressive and inspiring makeovers yet.

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Posted by Kristine163 •10w ago • Report
Cant wait for season10...thank you for choosing to do up my daughter Stevie's home on the Gold Coast. She is ecstatic...Cant wait to see what magic you guys are able to do with it. Thanks your shows.
Posted by Rebecca3357 •13w ago • Report
I dont think you should be doing houses that belong to Agents. They are already supposedly "professionals" and they should be able to organise their own sales. There have been several agents on the show and I believe they are using the show. You should be helping the public, not "professionals" who havent got a clue and are too lazy to even clean up their properties.
Posted by Justin361 •17w ago • Report
I'd just like to send a BIG warm thank you to the Selling Houses Australia team for indirectly helping us sell our home in less than 1 week. My partner and I have been religiously watching your show for almost 3 years now and in that time since episode 1 have been motivated by your inspiring interior and exterior ideas, working non stop to transform our neglected house into the modern cottage styled home it is today.
Keep up the brilliant work team.
Posted by Cari6 •18w ago • Report
I was really looking forward to this show, especially to see what magic Shaynna Blaze could weave, however there is more focus on Andrew totally crushing the owners of the properties. We get it, yes the owners are often out of touch, but do you need to spend half the show hammering them? How about more of the renovation and less of Andrew whining. If the property is that bad, don't do it!
Posted by Melissa2639 •18w ago • Report
Charlie Shayna and Andrew love the show guys but can we please have some update shows also have you ever been asked to do a house and not done it can you also do an update show on the houses that didn't sell on the episodes and the shows that you have done from Andrews house can we have some more episodes of those I love hearing what the three of you think of the houses and their owners keep up the good work
Posted by Helen1944 •19w ago • Report
I was watching the reno of the waterfront 1970s house without balconies. I was interested that you covered ALL of the brickwork (in a very light filled room - when it is coming back in vogue) and turned it off when you started to paint the tongue and groove ceiling. I had been admiring this and thinking how much it was in tune with the suroundings and it made me feel physically sick to see it shabily covered up. I have lost a lot of faith in the team. This was a sacrilege too far. And I am all for modern but this was quintessentially beautiful and the expense showed. In a few years I can see everyone pulling off the gyprock and trying to restore the original features of these beautiful homes. I am glad the budget did not reach to a shoddy dully grey render on the outside. This in itself is so yesterday. Just like the salesman!!!
Posted by Kay388 •20w ago • Report
It's really sad to watch the show seeing you throw out good curtains / blinds fridges stoves carpet & lounges into the skip bins when so many families can't afford to buy these items surely you could give these items to a local charity saying this I love your show .....but please you call it old but one mans trash is a poor family treasure !!!! it's a shame we all can't be rich and buy the latest range of households products to furnish our homes take a drive around some people can only afford sheets as curtains & you throwing perfect old blinds / curtains out cause they are out of date
Posted by Darell2 •22w ago • Report
Just wondering if the beautiful 'Old Linton" Yass house/mansion has been sold ???
Posted by Christine1938 •24w ago • Report
We love the show but please can we have some new episodes
Posted by Michael1914Report
My partner and I have just been discussing the best shows on Australian television and considering I love my scifi and she loves her Sex in the City re-runs, somehow Selling Houses Australia kept coming up as the one that we cant not walk away from. We love love this show and thought you should know. You guys are consistently awesome.