The secret lives of the Property Brothers

Twin brothers and property experts Jonathan and Drew Scott have been stealing hearts onscreen for almost 10 years.

As hosts of the wildly successful series Brother vs Brother and Buying and Selling, Jonathan and Drew Scott have become Lifestyle favourites, but if you thought you knew everything about them, think again. Here are nine crazy facts about Jonathan and Drew. 

#1 They are successful country musicians

Jonathan and Drew have always been interested in music but it wasn’t until 2016 when their band, the Scott Brothers released their first original song titled “Hold On”.  The track was a huge hit and went straight into the Billboard Hot Country charts. The music video has since received more than five and a half million views on YouTube, making them even more of a big deal. Yee-ha! 



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#2 The boys clowned around

Well before a career in property, the boys trained professionally as clowns and worked as apprentices in the field performing at events around their local town. Although Drew branched into sport and pursued his talent in college basketball, the experience of performing tricks and jokes would encourage Jonathan’s profession in magic - enter Jonathan Silver.

#3 Jonathan’s side hustle used to be magic

In the early days of his life in the spotlight, Jonathan juggled another career as a magician and an award-winning one at that. Audiences were also occasionally treated to his twin brother, Drew reluctantly assisting in a tiny sequined outfit! Jonathan, who was born John Ian Scott began performing magic tricks in his youth, then progressed into competitions and acquired his stage name, Jonathan Silver as an adult. He would later legally change his full name to Jonathan Silver Scott. He's also been a member of the elite International Brotherhood of Magicians for over 20 years. 



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# 4 They used to be mall cops

Before the twins made millions, in the late 1990s they patrolled a shopping centre as mall cops. It’s uncertain if they ever stopped any crime, but their towering heights of 193cm would likely intimidate any petty thieves. Everyone’s got to start somewhere!

#5 Both brothers have won karate championships

Yes, even when they couldn’t get more skilled we learn that each brother has a second degree black belt in Karate. If that wasn’t enough, they also have separately won multiple National Karate Championships in Canada.



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#6 They were teenagers when they bought their first property

Fresh out of high school, Jonathan and Drew found a house for $200,000 USD ($279,000 AUD) and put down a deposit of a mere $250 USD ($350 AUD)! They assumed the mortgage and later flipped it, reaping in a profit of $50,000 USD ($69,700 AUD) which would catapult them into the property market and begin their success. Later in their mid-20s, they had accumulated hundreds of clients and were making a tidy profit. Safe to say their student debt was quickly paid off.

#7 They started their own production company

As the brothers became increasingly involved with various projects, they decided to launch their own production company that would produce many of their working titles. In 2002 Scott Brothers Entertainment was founded and almost 20 years on the company continues to thrive. Last year alone, the company generated $250 million USD ($348 million AUD) in revenue, so they’re doing ok.

#8 There’s a third brother

Jonathan and Drew may steal all the limelight, but their older brother JD Scott is by no means slumming it. Two years older than his younger brothers, JD has remained close with the twins and often went into business with the property experts. He’s also part owner of their family’s wildly successful production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment so he’s probably not too bothered about being the secret sibling.



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#9 Drew was a surprise baby

When their mother Joanne Scott was pregnant with them in the 1970s, it was never picked up that she was carrying twins so for nine months she was under the impression she was pregnant with just one child. This obviously gave her and her husband, Jim quite the shock when Drew was delivered, and four minutes later another child came into the world. Welcome, Jonathan Silver!



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For more Property Brothers action, catch The Property Brothers: Double Down, Thursdays, 9.30pm and Property Brothers 100 Episodes and Counting, Thursday, 8.30pm on Lifestyle HOME.  

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